Paint chipping on 913 driver

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Kevin T

Hey...there are a couple of chips on the face of my new driver...right where the face meets the crown....I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen after only having the club for a month or so....I read on the US blog where the rep said this could be non "normal wear and tear"....any advice?



Jimmy C

Hi Ryan, (and Kevin)

Thanks for the info, I have a 913 and have gamed it for about 6 rounds and i have noticed that there are 3 paint chips exactly where Kevin has desribed where his is!

Mitch D

Hi Jimmy,
Ryan's advise to Kevin is the same. Please bring your club into the local authorized retailer that your purchased your club from with proof of purchase if possible. The retailer will call into our Customer Service team requesting a return authorization number (RA) and send the club in.  Assuming the club is under warranty we will either re-head or re-place the club with a new head.

Note: This is not an issues we have really seen or heard of prior to your and Kevin's comments.  One potential issue is sand being left on the driver face or golf ball and the result at impact.  Some driving ranges and golf courses can get quite sandy.  If sand is left on the ball or club at impact it can almost act as sand paper leaving scuffs on pretty much any driver made of pretty much any material (steel, titanium etc).  Just a thought on what it 'could' be!

Thank you for your comments!
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada