Are you heading Glen Abbey to watch RBC The Canadian Open?

Started by : Mitch D |

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Team Titleist Staff

Mitch D

It is always fun when the tour comes to town!

Are you planning on taking in the action in person this week/weekend?
If so, who do you plan to follow?

We hope to see you there!
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

Shawn P.

I'm really excited that this will be my first ever PGA Tour event. With being busy at work I was only able to get the Saturday off so it will be good to see all the players making their moves on the leaderboard. I'll be so overwhelmed that I'll be cheering for everybody.  I've got all my Team Titleist gear all ready to represent. Hope to see some Team Titleist members there. Just look for the guy with all the tattoos and that'll be me lol. Come say Hi and let's have a beer.

Cheers Shawn

Tom E

Well Mitch, since I am lucky enough to attend all 4 days courtesy of Team Titleist, I started day 1 early and just walked the course to have a look and take it all in!  They weren't kidding when it was reported as being the best shape in years. After that, I started to follow a couple of featured groups. It was nice to get close and listen to actual conversation between player and caddy.  I then parked myself between the fourth and third hole as all the groups passed by.  It's amazing how these guys make it look so easy and effortless. I did sport my Team Titleist lanyard and noticed a quite a few heads turn, lol.  Well, I looking forward to the rest and hopefully this amazing weather continues!!  Hope to see fellow members out and about!