Scotty Cameron Circle T

Started by : Michael Martysiewicz |

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Michael Martysiewicz

Im posting this on TT because I'm in the market for a circle t putter, preferably a 009 newport 2 milled face 350g. obviously there is

a ct stamp on it but more than one would be nice ( brings the price up) i know a tour putter is worth some cash but over a few

years iv wanted one and finally saving some cash to purchase my first tour putter. just wondering if anyone on TT has a tour

putter and would like to share their photos !!! 

Michael Martysiewicz

thanks ! yea I'm  a member of TCC great site... haven't posted in a while :S but this post was to see any main posters on TT that have tour putters would like to share photos ! 

thanks anyways ! 


I've been trying to post some pics but they are too big in size.  I will try posting some this weekend.


Yes, The Cameron Collector is the best place, as there are a bunch of knock off's on ebay.

The members there can answer any question you might have.