Team Titleist ball marker

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Steve H

Hi Team Titleist staff I was wondering if you have ever thought of making or blining out the Team Titleist logo for a ball marker for us members? I think it would be unique and something different. What are everyones thoughts? Thanks SteveH.

Michael Martysiewicz

Those would be sick, id pay for one ! 

Shawn P.

Ya I'd have to agree. That's such a great idea. Count me in if this makes the cut ;)

Cheers Shawn

Stephen M

Great idea. Hope TT can do it.

Cheers everyone


Mark M

Great idea! I'd support this if it came out.

Tom E

Well if we are going to go for an idea like this then why not make it a divot tool with magnetic ball marker!?  We still need to respect the greens from our Vokeys and Pro V's biting on the dance floor!!   

Now that would be great!! 


TT Ball - Check

FJ Ball Marker - Check

Scotty Cameron Ball Tool - Check

Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool- Check

TT Ball/Pivot - TBD :)

Golfer J

I'm with Tom E on this one!

Steve H

Ya Tom E that sounds good too. Steve H

Steve K

I too would be interested!!!

Steve K

I am in!!! Great idea!!!

Tom E

Hey Mitch and Team Titleist........I think I am on to something here, lol!  I am more than happy to approve the proto type model when completed ;)

Patrick M

I'm in as well and I'd pay for it.

Badger golfer

That's a great idea Steve! I would definitely game one! TT represent

Alex Z

I would love to see a Team Titleist divot tool similar to the Scotty one


A ball marker/divot tool is a cool idea TT always has good taste in design and style and would produce a cool multi tool for TT members and people alike to enjoy using around the greens after Pro v  darts have sunk there fangs into them ;)