Black Friday

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Darius V

I know we are not in the states, but I find more and more that the Golf outlets are celebrating the Black Friday Sales like they do in the U.S.

Personally I took advantage of some of the sales to pick up some Christmas presents. It is a great way to save on buying the presents, and makes the list easier to manage as the Holidays close in on us.

Anyone else taking advantage of any good deals at your local retailers to beef up your golfing supplies?


Shawn P.

I won't be doing Black Friday this year due to work. I am however going across the border to Buffalo mid December so hopefully I can snag some deals while I'm down there. With all the weight I've lost it's time to get some new golf gear.

Cheers Shawn

Steve H

Ya some of the black friday deals looke good but I'm the same as shawn. My work scedual won't let me be there in the morning so hopping that boxing day will yeld some great deals on some stuff. Let us know if their are any great deals down their. SteveH.