714 AP1 or AP2?

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Mark M

I am currently playing TM burner 2.0 4-gw irons.  I want to upgrade these this year. I am definitely not the best ball striker but an dedicated to improving this.  I have hit both AP1 and AP2 at the local golf town but my question is will the less forgiving AP2 force me to become a better ball striker or will it lead to frustration and regret for not going with the more forgiving AP1's.  My other thought would be AP1's for 4,5, 6 iron and AP2's for 7-W1.  Just looking for others thoughts or feed back from others in the same situation as me.



Andrew M

I hope they work out great for you Mark. I'm looking at the AP 2's as well.

Paul S

Cool to see you were fitted. I had Burners as well, fitted in store.  I sincerely hope you were fitted by Titleist.

I was previously fitted by someone else incorrectly!! Only to be discovered after.

My 714 AP1's fitting at the Titleist National Fitting Centre was truly a great experience.  I sincerely hope for the money your putting into the clubs and your game, the clubs are fitted buy a fitting professional. 


I got fitted last year for AP2's. I had png I10 and had a hard time with him.  The AP2's are a great fit for me, I love them can work the ball both ways something I could not do with my pings I hope they work out for you as well as they are working for me.

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