What's your Masters tradition?

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Mitch D

It goes without saying that Masters week is a very special time of year...especially for us Canadians! 

Not only do we enjoy the history, tradition and competition of the tournament itself, but it also represents the beginning of the 2014 golf season here in Canada.  While our snow melts and courses begin to announce their opening days, PGA Tour players take to Augusta.

I enjoy the entire week...Monday through Sunday.  Watching the players arrive, mingle amongst each other, their caddies, coaches and the media adds to all the buzz and excitement.  As we ease our way closer to the opening round on Thursday, the tension and anticipation builds. 

We usually keep it fairly simple during The Masters.  Some cooking in the AM with The Golf Channel on in the background.  Friends and family come over in the afternoon to take in the coverage along with a mid afternoon meal in front of the TV.

What's your Masters tradition?

Stephen F

Usually at my home we have a Masters final round party of sorts with everyone's favourite foods and drinks.  We plan the whole day around the final round tv coverage!  This year will be a bit different with my two sons at university but the rest of us will be tuned in.  The Masters is such a special event and I have always seen it as a kick-off to my golf season here in Ontario.  Unfortunately this year we had so much snow that my course probably won't open until early May.   I hope all the rest of you team titleist members have a great Masters week this year!!!

Wendy H

We watch the Masters all week here at home but on Sunday we always watch it with our best golfing buddies. We take turns hosting it at our homes. Whomever hosts makes the meal and the visitor brings dessert. Its become tradition for us. On another note....we finally have a tee time booked to play Tarandowah this weekend! Spring is here....bring on the golf season! I can't wait to try out my newly fitted sticks.

Chris W

My plans are typically watching the coverage all day Sunday with friends.  This year, I planned a trip to Montreal to catch a Canadiens game without knowing it was Masters week.  Poor planning, but hopefully I won't miss much coverage!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Ryan P


Looks like you are 1 over for the week and won't make the cut!

The plans this year is to visit a local establishment and watch final round coverage on the big screen, Saturday is the typical Masters weekend 8 hour shift on the couch.

Ryan P - Team Titleist


Usually it's a decent sunny day weather wise on Master Sunday and we dust off the patio and the deck and have our first BBQ of the season, so not only does the Masters start off the golf season for us but also the outdoor cooking season.  Most likely steaks, Caesar Salad, etc. and for sure a few beers, mint juleps for the ladies.

Paul S

Traditionally, I usually watch all weekend long, with a sign that says "Don't Bug Me". I would rather be in Augusta than on the couch. Any TT members actually been to Augusta?? It was cool to see several Canadian lads on TV wearing team Canada hockey jerseys, black hockey helmets and shorts.  My family enjoys watching as well. This year I'm working Friday and Sunday so I hope to be able to catch some of the final round at work. Cheers


On the Sunday a couple of the guys and myself gather at the local jack astors for wings and few jugs of beer how ever the mother n laws Bday party killed that plan this year :( lol