Accurate yardages

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Andrew M

Hi fellow TT members,

What do you find is the best way to get the most

Accurate yardages for your clubs. Looking

forward to your replies.


Andrew M

Darius V

Kevin - I am much like you - I take my clubs out to the range and practice hitting shots with different irons to specific yardage flags. I will often take (for example) a 9, 8, and 7 iron and shoot for the 150 yard flag. That gives me a feel for how often I can hit it flag high with each club using full and 3/4 shots to help me decide on my ability to maintain accuracy. It also lets me see the difference in distance between the three clubs. Hopefully I see the 9 come up 10 yards short of the 8 and the 7 10 yards further than the 8.

I can then repeat the process with a different yardage and three other clubs.


Andrew M

Hi Kevin and Darius,

Thank you for the quick reply. That was very

informative. I will be getting fit for new clubs next month

and will give that a try. Thanks again.