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Have you had a HOLE IN ONE?

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

We're switching it up this week.

Describe your first ever 'hole in one' by replying to this post.  If possible, include a picture too!

Where was it? When was it? What was the distance of the hole? What club did you hit?  What Titleist golf ball were you playing?

If you haven't had a hole in one...let us know how close you've come and we'll include you in the draw.  ; )

On Friday, November 4, 2011 we'll randomly select three entries to win.  The first place grand prize will be a Team Titleist T-Shirt and one (1) dozen Limited Edition Team Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls.  Second and third place will each receive one (1) dozen Limited Edition Team Titleist Pro V1 or Pro V1x golf balls.

*Canadian residents only.  One entry per person.

Good luck!

Mitch D - Team Titleist Canada

24 Replies

  1. Stephen M

    Had one at Credit Valley #15 189yds on 5/21/2009. Long par3,used 4 hybrid but hole not visible in fog. got to green, thought ball went to back bunker but maintenance worker watering turned off hose and casually says ball in hole and it was.

  2. Matthew S

    First ever hole in one was at my home course and it was the same day I won club championships, I went back out for another round with my family and on the 10th hole I decided to try and hit a cut 9 iron.....brad can attest to this, my cut shot back in the day was a 20 yard draw/hook. Anyways this shot to my eye actually did cut a little and it landed just infront of the hole and dropped over the front edge of the cup. Still have the golf ball from that one and my other one too. Hopefully I can add more to the collection but it's been about 2.5 years since my last.
  3. Matthew S

    Oh yeah it was #10 at Mississaugua Golf CC 147yards and a 9 iron. It was in august of 2007
  4. Scott R

    It was on October 10, 2004. The course was Sawmill Creek in Camlachie, Ontario. #16 - 150 yards on the card playing a little longer that day but straight down wind. Hit a nice PW with a soft draw and landed about a yard form the hole, 1 hop and spun right into the cup.

    Played a Pro V1x as always. Still have the ball.

  5. Mitch D

    We'll be drawing names from this thread at noon today...last chance to share you story for a chance to win!

  6. Steve B

    I had my first hole in one ever this year and my second round of the season.

    It was on April 30th at Cedarhill Golf & Country Club, 9th hole. It was playing at 167 yds, to an elevated green. I used a 6 iron and my Titleist Pro V1 landed 3 feet in front of the hole and rolled into the cup!

  7. Chris W

    Somehow I made 2 within a month last year. 1) At Dundarave Golf Course here on PEI. Hole #7 216 yards with Ap2 710 4 iron. One of my playing partners plays on the LPGA so it was great to take some cash off her! 2) Also at Dundarave, Hole #16 292 yard par 4!!! In a tournament, so this one cost me cash afterwards at the bar! Haha Here are the balls that were used:
  8. Travis M

    I wish I could say the shot was pretty, or well struck, but neither would be true. It came on the 7th hole at The Vancouver Golf Club in BC while I played alongside two friends who were battling out a club championship match. I was tagging along just trying to stay out of the way. The 7th is an uphill, 172-yard hole with a pond guarding the the left-hand side, and the surface of the green is blind from the tee. I remembering teeing the ball back a good yard behind the tee-markers, trying to nail down the perfect yardage. But I came out of the swing and hit the ball slightly thin, shooting it out low with plenty of spin. 

    I thought nothing of it until we reached the green and the ball was nowhere to be found. Could it be?

    I took a deep breath, craned my neck near the pin, and stared hesitantly into the cup. There it was, my Titlesit Pro-v 1x #8 with a blue line marked through the 'T' as always.

    There have been many more hesitant, neck-craned stares since that day over a decade ago, but I've yet to be greeted with the satisfaction of seeing that little white ball sitting in the bottom of the hole.



  9. Gerald T

    I have had two. My first was at 5-Star Golf Club, a small 9 hole course. It was on the
  10. Mitch D

    Congrats to the following winners who we just randomly drew for the prizes!

    1st Steve B - Winner of Ltd. Edition Team Titleist T Shirt and (1) One Dozen Team Titleist Ltd. Edition Pro V1 or Pro V1x Golf Balls.

    2nd Travis M - One (1) Dozen Team Titleist Ltd. Edition Pro V1 or Pro V1x Golf Balls.

    3rd Scott R - One (1) Dozen Team Titleist Ltd. Edition Pro V1 or Pro V1x Golf Balls.


    We'll be in contact via the email in your Team Titleist Profile.

    Thanks for playing and have a great weekend!


    Mitch D - Team Titleist Canada

  11. Robert T

    My daughter Emilie, just turned 15 on July 25th and recorded her first Hole-in-One on Wednesday August 24 2011, on hole #5 at The Royal Montreal Golf Club (Blue Course) in Ile-Bizard, Quebec. She used a 5 Wood on the 151 yard par 3 hole, using a TITLEIST 2 NXT Ball with a Royal Montreal Colored Logo. There were 3 witnesses. It was a front pin location, measuring 151 yds (lazer), playing into the wind, tucked several paces behind the front right bunker. She made her Ace at approximately 9:30 AM on the final Junior Day of the 2011 Golf Season. The Royal Montreal Championship Blue Course has hosted 6 Canadian Opens and the 2007 Presidents Cup. To date, I have been playing for over 30 years and am currently a 5 handicap and never made a Hole-in-one. I am so proud of my daughter and this has truly made our summer! Robert

  12. FJL

    My first Hole in One came on August 06, 2009 (had to refer to the card, lol) at Rebel Creek Golf & CC. On #16 from the Gold Tees, 166 yards using a Titleist 690.MB 7 iron and a Titleist ProV1 Ball with the number 1 on it (I've always used a number 1 ball on a par three, imagine the mind set you would give yourself it were a number 4, 5, 6 or 7). The pin was on the front of the green prtected by a left greenside bunker. I remember hitting it and posing while I watched it track through the air toward the green and thought, "Well that'll be close for a birdie", so at about three quarters of the ball's flight, I started walking off the tee and everyone else in the group was beginning to increase the volume in their voices while they did their best commentary to describe it. At that point I turned around to see it land about three feet in front of the hole and bounce past the hole and suck back about two feet into the jar! We hooped and hollard like a bunch of kids at a Birthday Party. Finally! Shot 65 that afternoon. It was a very expensive evening!
  13. Neil M

    Yes, I got my first hole in one on Sunday, three O'clock at Thornhill Country Club, Thornhill, Ontario. Par 3 Hole #12 playing 140, back pin, wind blowing left to right,used an 8 iron, ball was a Titliest NXT , played the wind, ball landed and rolled six feet into the hole. Because the tee is higher than the green my three playing partners all watched the ball go in. My greatest thrill in golf, the only hole in one I had ever seen was on television. In the club bar was pleased that I had purchased the hole insurance,although at the time had only done it for my ego not thinking it could actually happen to me. neil mac donald

  14. Marilyn D

    My Name is Marilyn Denny. I Hit Two Hole In Ones in Three Days at Las Barrancas Golf Course, Yuma, Az.      Marilyn aced the par-3 12th hole on Friday,Feb 8th 2013, using a Gap Wedge, 89 yards.      Than on Monday, Feb 11th 2013, using a Pitch Wedge to ace the par-3 Third Hole 98 yards.      Both Aces were witnessed by my husband Jerry Denny and two other golfers.                Both times using Titleist NXT Tour Golf Balls.   I am  64 for years old. So this was so amazing for me as this makes Four Hole in Ones for me. My first one was in Wabuman, Alberta, Canada. The other three were in Yuma, Az

  15. Darius V

    I got my Hole in One on September 26th, 2004. It was the second day of a two day tournament at Harbourview Golf Club in Gilford Ontario. It was on the second hole which was playing at 165yds with the tee shot over a pond and a hazard all down the right side. Being the second hole, there was a bit of a back-up and as such there was a foursome on the next tee right beside the green, another foursome had just walked off the green, and one more foursome had just come up behind us from the first hole.

    My brother had just hit a fantastic shot straight at the pin which landed and rolled to about 5 feet. With a look of pride he turned to me and said "Beat that ! "

    I stepped up, took my 7 iron out of my bag and teed up my ball. After lining up my shot I took a long smooth swing at the ball and wtched it fly. To my amazement, it was going straight at the flag instead of my normal fade. We all watched as the ball landed on the green just short of my brothers ball. It hopped over his ball and rolled slowly towards the pin. As it dropped into the hole, I was elated and as I heard all the cheers from the other foursomes watching, my emotions quickly shifted from elation to dread. (I still don't understand why it is the guy who makes the hole in one has to buy drinks).

    Funny thing is when I got to the next tee, I set down my ball preparing to hit it when one of my friends quickly stopped me and ask what I was doing. Figuring I had earned the honours on the tee, I couldn't understand his concern until he pointed out that with my fade I was likely to lose that ball off the tee with all the tres on the right. I agreed and quickly pocketed the ball and replaced it with another. Turns out he was right. I guess with my nerves still a little jangled, my fade turned into a slice and I was hitting three off the tee.

    As for the drinks - Being the second day of a two day tournament and banquet night, I did the math and placed a bottle of wine on each of the tables. My only hole in one (so far), and all I can say is that I truly hope my next one is with a much smaller group as witnesses.


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