2012 Titleist Lanyards?

Started by : Brad D |

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Brad D

Just wondering if anyone knows where i can get my hands on one of these. My buddy was wearing his a few days ago but I can't find anywhere to get one online. Thanks !

Shawn P.

Very interested aswell in trying to get ahold of one of these.
Team Titleist Staff

Mitch D

Thanks for checking in!

The individuals you see with Titleist lanyards likely secured them through an event we have hosted in the past for golf professionals and/or golf retailers.  Of course, we have never had Titleist lanyards for sale. 

That being said, perhaps that's an idea for a Titleist/Team Titleist logo'd item? Thoughts?



Mitch D - Team Titleist Canada

Shawn P.

Thanks for the quick response Mitch! That would be a fantastic idea. I would love to sport one of these as I currently use a lanyard all the time for my car keys/house keys.

Sean A

Hi, I agree... i would be very much interested in a Team Titleist lanyard! Great idea!!!

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Mac P

Very much interested in one as well.

Need to fuel my Titleist-fanboy image!!! haha 

Bilal M

It would be very cool to have a Titleist lanyard!

Bilal M.

Steve H

Ya that would be very cool to have one of them. 

Steve H 

Club ChampionCertified Titleist Fitting Professional

Matthew S

That sounds like a great idea Mitch. Sign me up. 

Dave T.

I would love to sport a Titleist lanyard at work. I never

get tired of showing off the Titleist logo everywhere I go. 

Between my Titleist backpack and computer bag the lanyard

would be a perfect fit.



Mark M

Count me in too! 

Club Champion

Darius V

Let us know when you think Titleist might start sending them off to the golf shops for sale. That way we have a good chance of getting one before they sell out !