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New 913 Drivers

Pierre C

Looks like a verry good driver. Could you tell me when it will be available in Canada.

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  1. Alex Z

    Probably November. New line every two years . One year irons, one year drivers. November has seemed to be the release date. Tour seeding and testing is underway so we are close

  2. Bill P

    The only non Tiyleist item in my bag is the driver.I have been waiting for this new one will I have a chance to try it as I did with the irons last year?

  3. Shawn P.

    Great job with the new 913. Looks like the prototype testing is going really well. Hearing a lot of great feedback so far.

    Cheers Shawn

  4. Alex Z

    Any word yet on fairway metals and hybrids Mitch?

  5. Jake S

    Just ordered my new 913 (10.5, 44", ProForce V2 X) on Saturday. Very excited!


    Now, if Titleist would only confirm they'll sell me the new 3&4 Utility Iron I could avoid buying the other guys products!

  6. Bill P

    Bill P

    The only non Tiyleist item in my bag is the driver.I have been waiting for this new one will I have a chance to try it as I did with the irons last year?

    Picked up my new driver on Saturday it is exciting but the weather up here in Toronto has been lousy so i have not been able to hit it yet. But it is supposed to warm up over the next couple of days so I will be out pounding balls.Can't WAIT!!!!!

  7. Kris B

    When the Titleist 910 first came out I was originally fitted with an Aldila RIP 60 S shaft, standard length, tipped 1/2 " for my 910 D2 9.5 driver and have since bought an Aldila RIP 70 R shaft (1 inch over length, tipped 1/2"), put a Titleist Surefit adapter on an old Voodoo S I had from a previous Titleist driver, and also a NV 65 R shaft... most days I play the RIP 70 R shaft.   When fitted for my 910 driver I was told that my swing speed was between a regular and stiff shaft.  I have enjoyed playing the 910 and most of my drives are straight down the center of the fairway.  The reason I have so many shafts for my driver is so that I can quickly change the shaft myself depending on course, weather conditions, and how this old body feels as I am about to head out to golf.

    I have played Titleist drivers since I retired 14 years ago, freedom 55, and still own a 907, 909, and my current 910.  Today I bit the bullet and ordered a 913 D2 9.5 driver with a Graphite Design AD BB SR shaft, 1 inch over length, untipped.   Probably would have been quite happy to use my current shaft collection in a new 913 head but you can't order just the head so...  I upgraded to the SR Blue Bullet shaft, I am hoping to lower the trajectory, with less spin, and more roll out which hopefully will give me a little more distance.  I am pleased that the shafts I currently have for my 910 driver will also fit my new 913 but I am looking forward to gaming the new Titleist driver with an SR BB shaft.  I should have my new 913 driver after December 12th and will report back my results with the newest addition to my Titleist bag.

  8. Kris B

    I received my new 913 D2 driver yesterday.  I had originally ordered a 9.5 but changed my order to an 8.5 degree after talking to the Titleist Custom Club Department and discussing what I hoped to achieve by upgrading from the 910 D2  9.5 which I adjusted the Surefit adapter down to an effective loft to 8.75 degrees and still wanted to lower the trajectory of my ball flight.  My new 913 D2 was also ordered with a Graphite Design Tour AD BB "Blue Bullet" SR shaft untipped and 1" over standard length also had the heaviest 14g weight.  

    This morning was my first opportunity to play my new 913 D2 driver.  Initial impression was that the combination of shaft and lower degree of actual loft achieved exactly what I had hoped for which was to lower the trajectory of my ball flight with more roll out.  The Graphite Design Tour AD BB SR shaft was very responsive and had remarkable feel... I liked the Aldila  RIP Alpha 60S shaft in my 910 driver but find the new shaft doesn't feel nearly as stiff and has a much more penetrating ball flight.   The good news is that the shafts I currently have for my Titleist 910 driver will also fit the new 913 so I am able to quickly change the shaft depending on the course and what type of trajectory I need or hope to achieve depending on how wet the golf course may be on that particular day.

    I had read where some have stated that the 913 is much louder than the 910 and previous Titleist  heads and while it is true that the 913 is louder and a different sound than previous offerings I didn't mind the sound and found it acceptable.  Personally I still prefer the muted sound of the previous models but I'm sure in time I will come to appreciate the sound the new model makes on a good hit.  Overall I am extremely pleased with the new 913 D2 and happy I decided to upgrade this year.  I presently game 2 910 hybrids, 910 Fd and 910F fairway metals,  AP1 irons, Vokey wedges, and a Scotty Cameron putter so... I think I am set for this year.   I am very happy to play their equipment as I strive to lower my score and improve my game.  If you haven't yet tried the 913 drivers I am sure will enjoy the newest addition to the Titleist family.

  9. Mitch D

    Thanks for the great feedback Kris. 

    The sound has indeed changed.  We tested the new sound rigorously during the validation process.  Our R&D team came up with a noticeably hotter and 'longer' sound.  In fact, we actually have an entire team devoted primarily to the sound/acoustics our clubs make at impact. 

    We're glad that you're happy with the 913 Driver and can't wait to hear more of your feedback when you're able to put it in play even more in the new year!

    All the best,
    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

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