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New Test balls

Andrew S

Any word if anyone in canada has gotten any of them. On the American team titleist discussion alot of people seem to have gotten them.

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  1. Dave T.

    Hi Andrew, Yes I received a sleeve of the new prototype balls in

    the mail. Went out today to test them against my current Pro V1 x.

    It was overcast and about 2 degrees C. The prototype ball flew

    higher, went 6 to 10 yards farther with all clubs and felt softer.

    Overall I felt the prototype ball outperformed my current ball in

    every aspect. Hope this helped. Dave.

  2. Alex Z

    Hi Andrew,

    They were mailed out to selects team titleist Canada members a few weeks ago.



  3. Ross E

    i received mine a couple of weeks ago, but the season in Bracebridge was pretty much over.  i cant wait to play them, but its going to be a few weeks at this point!!!! 

  4. Rawgolf

    I got some test balls in Alberta a few weeks ago.  Unfortunately we already have 6 inches of snow on the ground and all of the golf courses are closed.  I tried them in the simulator and compared them to the PRO V1X and they seemed to be better in all aspects.

    The cover seems a little more durable when hit with my wedges.

  5. Tony I

    I received them about 3 weeks ago but golf season is over for me. Looking forward to testing them out in the spring!

  6. Nicholas F

    I got some as well.  I found that the distance was almost identical to my Pro V1xs that I play now, but I did notice a higher ball flight.


  7. Pete

    Hey there Andrew I also received the test sleeve and am currently gaming prov 1x and found ball flight to be higher distance basically the same but found the test balls where more responsive around the green even against  prov1 good overall feedback from the test sleeve 

  8. Badger golfer

    Hey Andrew, I just got the chance a couple days ago to test the new prov1x prototype and as mentioned before it definately flies much higher, which results in a few more yards, it does feel a little softer around the greens with slightly more response/spin than the current prov1x. The one last thing that I noticed was the cover got chewed up more easily than the current ball.

    Thank you Mitch and TT for this opportunity

  9. Stephen F

    I received a sleeve also but unfortunately for me golf season is over.  I cannot wait to test these babies out agains my PROV1's in the spring!!!!

  10. Adam A

    Hello Andrew,

    I got some via mail a couple of week before the season ended and due to the extended season in NS I was able to get a couple of rounds in with them. They are very comparable to the PRO V 1X with the distance off the tee just found them a little higher landing softer. With the irons a little longer and more spin to stop faster. I have not used a ball, with that feel around the greens before. Unbelievable feel and performance.

  11. Darius V

    Here it is - December 21 and I just received a box with Prov1 and ProV1x balls in the mail from Titleist.

    Sad to say I will now have to wait until next spring to try them out. (Unless I get away to South Carolina for a week during the winter)

    Merry Christmas to all and best wishes for 2013 !


  12. Peter C

    I received a test sleeve of prototype ProV1x's well over two months ago, tried them out and provided feedback as requested...

    Well, today I received a carton with 2 sleeves of ProV1s and 2 sleeves of ProV1x's, which I can only assume are gifts for participating in the testing.

    Merry Christmas to me! :)

    Thanks Team Titleist!

  13. Stephen M

    Got mine this morning. Thanks Team Titleist. Have a great Christmas

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