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Jake S

If I were to order a seasons worth of personalized Prov's (18-24 dozen) at one time is there any discount offered by Titleist? Or should I just consult my local golf pro?



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Mitch D

Hi Jake,
Titleist is a wholesaler so we do not sell direct to consumers.  Thus, you will have to visit a Titleist Authorized Retailer for your order where the Retailer can discuss pricing with you.

Thanks for checking in on this!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

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Bradley L

Jake?  Are you looking for just personalized or with a logo?  If it's just personalized wait until the spring.  Normally there is the locker load deal which is a buy 3 dozen get 1 free.  That would be your best bet!  Usually happens in April or May. 

Tom E

Thats great to know!  Mind you I just received my 4 boxes of Pro V1x that were peronalised and they look awesome!  Plus at $44.95 plus tax, I thought that was a steal!  I will probably snag a few more boxes if that deal is to come early spring

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Darius V

Tom...  4 Boxes ? 

That should last you at least a couple of years :)


Tom E


You haven't seen me play yet!!


Adam A


I know here in NS we have about 8 of us that are ordering them at the same time thus the club pro is able to get you a better price than just you ordering them on your own.