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ap2 cb or mb

dustin c

looking to buy a set of titleist irons most likely used .  this past season i bought a used   set of nike pro combo to see if i like hitting the blades .  love the feel and workability of them . im looking for input   pros and cons from those  who use the ap2  mb and cb  i am a 5 handicap and i prefer hitting long irons over the hybrids. any input would be appreciated thank in advance..   

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  1. Peter C

    Hey Dustin,

    I'm not quite up to your handicap, but I'm trending the right way after putting in a set of AP2's this past Spring.  Can't say enough good things about them.  Workable, but enough 'help' when you need it or don't quite catch it flush.  If they're good enough to be in the bags of several PGA pros, that's good enough for me.  Probably not quite the same overall 'feel' as the CB's/MB's, so I suppose it comes down to what your personal preference is.

    However, there's no doubt whatsoever, the MB's are some sweet looking sticks! :)

    Maybe consider doing a mixed set similar to the Pro-Combo set?

    Best of luck!

  2. Shawn P.

    Hey Dustin,

    I'm an avid golfer with an 11 Handicap. I also implemented some AP2's at the end of last season. They have been the best irons I've played by far. I was in the market for forged irons and these were highly recommended by most of the people I've talked to. With the forged feel I have more confidence in my game. The workability, feel and forgiveness on off center hits is incredible. I would highly recommend that you give each set a try and see what's comfortable for your game. I will also say that the MB/CB's are some impressive clubs. I may one day switch over but for now these AP2's have been pretty hot for me.

    Hope this helps and keep us posted with what you decide. Best of luck!

    Cheers Shawn

  3. Matthew S

    all 3 of these irons are going to give you great performance, but for different areas and different forgiveness levels.

    Best thing to do would be to go get fit, but if you are looking for some characteristics of each, the CB and MB are going to be the least forgiving of the bunch with a touch more workability in the MB and slightly lower flight/spin. The CB is going to be ever so slightly more forgiving (not greatly noticeable) but give you a very slightly higher flight and spin.

    The AP2 is the most forgiving club being 7% more forgiving than the previous model and just about as forgiving as the original AP1 iron with a smaller more compact look. The AP2 is still a very workable golf club but will give you the highest spin and launch compared to the other 2.  A lot of people are also doing combo sets of the CB/MB or AP2/MB which you may want to consider as well.

    Best advice would be to go get fit because it really depends on what your ball striking is and you launch characteristics are.

  4. Andrew S

    Hi Dustin

    Im a 6 handicap and im playing the AP2s right now and love them. The feel of it off of the face is great and the workability is great on them. 

    Hope it helps

  5. dustin c

    went to golftown and hit the cb and the ap2 today wanted to hit the mb as well but not in stock yet the ap2 has the edge but going to wait and hit the mb before i decide....     the problem for me is i take a good divot when hitting irons  so hitting off the matt gives me a really different feel      anyone else have that issue?

  6. Shawn P.

    Good point Dustin. It's really hard to get a good feel for the irons unless you hit off the turf in my opinion. My buddy games the AP2's and I was fortunate enough to be able to use them for a couple rounds before I made my purchase. Not sure if you know anyone that has a set that you could try. Another great option is to get to the closest Titleist Fitting Center and get fit outside. I will be setting up an appointment next season to look into different shaft options for my current set. Let us know how you make out once you hit the MB's. I'm curious to know your thoughts.

    Cheers Shawn

  7. Sean A

    Hey Dustin,

    I have played both ap2 and mb irons.  currently i have the mb's in the bag and love them.  What i found different from the ap2's is that my ball flight is a little lower with the mb's... for me this works.  i also had the project x shafts in my ap2 irons and now have kbs in the mb's.  you really do need to go to a certified titleist fitter and hit some different irons with different shaft combinations as this is a really important component.  you need to do this outside so you can see the flight path, trajectory and distance.  Whatever you choose will be a great choice.  IMO, titleist is the best product out there.



  8. dustin c

    I finally went and did a fitting.. still havent hit the mbs as they were unavailable.  got fit for the ap2    .75 long and 4 degrees upright  from titleist standard with dg s300 shafts..i thought my ball striking was pretty decent  was i wrong !!  the end of fitting session ball striking was as pure as it gets for an amateur golfer.  needless to say i havent bought this set up yet with the new info i have gained  im gonna hold out until i can do a session with the mbs. either way i go i think im gonna have a major handicap drop next season!!   thank to all who have offered their opinions  greatly appreciated!!    

  9. Cy S


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