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what ball to use

Steve H

i am looking at getting a new ball for next year i am currently using the dt solo. does anyone have any suggestions on what is good to use? 

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  1. Travis A

    Have you tried using the golf ball fitting tool in the golf ball section? It did a good job of providing me a couple of options. I had already been playing the Pro V1x but it also suggested the NXT Tour S which I tried and it was also a good match to my game, just a little less spin.

  2. Shawn P.

    Thats always a good question on peoples minds on what ball they should trust. Titleist has done really well in the ball market and is the number 1 ball in golf for a reason. I have played pretty much every ball in the Titleist line up thanks to the Titleist staff for sending me the cube early in the year. I have come to trust the ProV1 for several years now. It has great feel from tee to green and thats what I look for in a ball. I need a ball thats consistent the whole way and not just parts of my game. In regards to choosing a ball I would also suggest using the Titleist ball fitting app that Travis mentioned above. It is a great tool and something that you can get great insight from. Titleist also puts on ball fitting clinics so check it out when it's in your area again. Hope this helps and let us know how you make out.

    Cheers Shawn

  3. Steve H

    thanks guys i will have to give that ball fitter a try. im looking forward to see what ball that i should be using 

  4. Alan S

    Is there much difference in spin with the driver?  That is where by biggest problem is, I am fairly accurate with my irons and wedges but "spray" the driver.

  5. Darryl B

    Try the volicety ball I think it is amazing great spin and feel ball plus it is a good price 

  6. Alan S

    Thanks I think I will give it a try.  What kind of confuses me is when I do the ball selection tool on the website it tells me to try ProV1.  But from what I understand it spins the most of all Titleist balls, from what I understand the more the spin the more it will slice or hook.

  7. Darryl B

    Yes you are right the more spin the more chance of slice that is why the volicety is good for not putting so much spin on the ball 

  8. Mitch D

    Hi Alan,
    Great question as there are A LOT of myths out there related to golf ball performance.  We hear them every day and take great pride in sharing our data and findings through robot and player testing (of all skill levels) to ensure golfers are making an informed decision.

    Spin affects each shot you play. On long shots, low spin contributes to longer, straighter distance. On short shots and chips, more spin provides stopping power to hold greens. There are significant performance differences between golf ball models, particularly on the short game scoring shots. To shoot lower scores, golfers will benefit from a golf ball that provides excellent scoring spin, the spin and control needed to hit more greens and hit it closer to the pin with irons and wedges.

    In short, you will see in the charts below that the variance in Driver spin compartitively between golf ball models is far less significant than that of the variance in Wedge spin you see compartively between golf ball models.  Thus, since those wedge and other short game shots are proven to be 'scoring shots' that help lower your score...Pro V1 and Pro V1x are indeed the best golf balls for your game.  The advantage you gain in spin with wedges and short irons far outweighs the less significant differences in spin you will notice with your driver.

    When choosing between Pro V1 and Pro V1x, you may want to try Pro V1x as it has lower long game spin than Pro V1 with higher flight. 

    Please visit for more information on Golf Ball fitting and education.

    We hope this helps!

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

    Driver Spin at <500RPM:


    Wedge Spin at >1500RPM:

  9. Alan S


  10. Jean-Philippe D

    If you would like to get more spin than the dt solo, the nxt tour s may be a very good option. You could also like the new pro v1 x.

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