Team Titleist Sweepstakes - Align Yourself

Started by : Mitch D |

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Team Titleist Staff

Mitch D

Align Yourself with Team Titleist.

Enter for a chance to win a set of Team Titleist Limited Edition Alignment Aids.

Enter here or through the 'Sweepstakes' button on the left menu panel. 

*Open to Canadian Residents and Team Titleist Members ONLY

Good Luck!

Club Champion


Just entered!  Thanks again Mitch for creating another great opportunity to get involved with Team Titleist merchandise, this site and it's Admin team are first class IMHO and a true reflection of the product they represent.   Keep up the good work!

Shawn P.

Just wanted to say how awesome these sticks are. I have been using them ever since I received them at the Titleist 913 Fitting that I was invited too. They are very durable and look amazing. It's a nice little eye catcher in the bag. Good luck to all the entrants and you won't be disappointed. Don't count me on this contest Mitch. I just wanted post my thoughts on the sticks. 

Cheers Shawn

Steve H

I just entered.  Thanks Mitch

Team Titleist Staff

Mitch D

That's great!

A lot of participation on Day 1. 
Remember, there is a winner each day of sure to re-enter every day in order to be eligible for that days drawing!  However, participants can only win once.

Good luck!

Greg C

I soooo hope i get some, i need some good alignment aids, and they'll match my new 14 way lightweight bag that im getting and the clubs in my bag.

Greg C

sounds good ill be doing it everyday

Bilal M

Entered!!! Hopefully I will be one of the winners!!

Thanks Team Titleist for the great sweepstake!

Bilal M. 

Alex Z

Great stuff as always Mitch. Team Titleist is such an incredible team to be a part of.

dave w

Just entered and  Good Luck everyone but I already feel like I'm a winner with Titleist stcks in my bag......Just Sayin ...LOL

Terry g

NEED these!!!  i have 14 of the most beautifull titleist clubs in my titleist midsized staff bag...these would be lovely!

Club Champion


Thanks Mitch!

Great way to attract more people on TT! TourSticks are always useful no matter what your caliber is. Great training aid!


Trevor S

With snow on the ground and winter rearing it's ugly head early in Alberta, it will be a long break until we get back on the course.  A set of TT alignment sticks will sure help with the winter practice.

Thanks Mitch, and good luck to everyone.

Club Champion

Jake S

Very exciting opportunity! Thanks TT.


These would look great in the totally Titleist bag I've got going, entering every day.