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How do your mark your Titleist?


Scotty Cameron Club....

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  1. Shawn P.

    Great topic! I mark my ball with a thicker line on the aim marker and 3 dots below or above the Titleist logo. For some strange reason I can't play a ball without it lol.

    Cheers Shawn

  2. Brian D

    I mark my balls with 3 dots the resemble the Cameron cover that I have. One day my son colored a whole dozen of new ProV's with the sharpies in my bag and then I stuck with it. I only play with #1's.


  3. Wendy H

    I use a blue marker to put a 'cat paw print' between the Titleist logos. I have three cats so thought that would be a fitting mark.

  4. Josh G

    I rock a big green dot next to the number on the right. My ProV's are all 7's and say Giahitsauce so they're pretty recognizable. 

  5. Rob K

    For 2013, I think I am going to go no mark, and just have the custom number 96 on them.  I like the clean look, and 96 is my favourite number.  

  6. Sam S

    For 15 years its been two red dots above and below the aiming my ProV's :)

  7. trickey

    I've got my ProV's stamped with my "trickey" :)

  8. Bilal M

    I make a "happy face" on the side of the Pro V that has no markings. This helps me to recover and feel good if I hit a bad shot!

  9. Brad A

    I like that idea. I've been toying with the idea of doing something colourful/fun. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  10. Ryan G

    Silver line over the alignment. I add a silver dot over the number for a provisional. Been a lot less of those this year!

  11. Stephen F

    I only use # 1's too!   I was in a shop and bought a doz of the new limited edition balls and the guy gave me 4 sleeves of 1's!  I mark mine with a pink dot top right of the number.

  12. Danny C

    Simple Blue line and a dot above the first T. Nothing flashy just keeping it classy!

  13. Michael Martysiewicz

    First off The putter in this photo is amazing ! club member my self ! secondly I mark my titleist with two small red dots over the two "i" in titleist. 

  14. Mitch D

    I used to mark my Pro V1x with a smiley face.  One eye per 2 dimples and smile at the bottom of the dimple underneath them.

    The last couple of years though I've had a Canadian Flag logo'd on my ball and use only #7's!  Try to keep the 7's on the golf ball and off the score card! ; )

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  15. Dallas W

    I color in the  dimples that surround the numbers.....and this year I have switched from ProV1 to ProV1X .....

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