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Titleist Dream Bag Contest

Shawn P.

As I was browsing on twitter I came across this contest that Titleist is offering in the States.  This would be the most incredible experience ever. As a die hard fan of Titleist I would do anything to win this. Titleist PLEASE bring this contest to Canada. What do you guys think? Here's the link below to see all the goodies that are included in this prize.

Not sure how to upload a link but if you can't click it just copy and paste it.

Cheers Shawn

7 Replies

  1. Dave T.

    I totally agree with you Shawn, that would be an incredible

    experience. I would love to see that contest be offered to

    Canadian residents.


  2. Mitchell C

    I would completely agree with that! It would be amazing to go through that level of a fitting.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. Steve H

    I agree with that as well it would be a great experience and find out what is proper for you.


    Steve H.

  4. Mat910D3

    It would be nice to offer a "tour van" fitting experience to TT's canadian community. Not necessarily a full free bag but mostly the option of being fit by renowned professional and having access to the most complete equipment line in the industry, It would be great to be able to try all the exotic shafts that Titleist's offers but that are hard to get a hold of to try even on regional fitting days.

    I'm sure such thing would be more likely to happen and honnestly, even more valuable for my game than a new set of clubs. The added knowledge and experience that these guys could provide would be a bonus to almost everyone's game!


  5. Sean A


    This would be so awesome to have a contest like this in Canada...



  6. Tony H

    Absolutely love the idea, it would be great to be able to go thru that process

  7. Michael S

    Yeah, this would be a great thing to have for Canadians. Stinks that we are often excluded from these kinds of contests. 

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