golf ball test

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jocelyn r

I received them about 1 weeks ago but golf season is over for me. Looking forward to testing them out in the spring!

Wendy H

Same for me. The courses here are closing down and the weather hasn't been the best to test out the new balls. I'm hoping that its okay with Tiltleist that I wait until spring to test them out.

Wayne M

Received a sleeve of the Titleist test ball and am looking forward to tipping it up and seeing what these balls are all about.

Golfer J

I just received mine today, I wish I could get out there to test them!

Ian H

I received a sleeve yesterday unfortunately my golf season is over for 2012 since I just had minor heart surgery 2 weeks ago. I do look forward to trying these golf balls in the Spring 2013. Thanks to Titleist for including me in the test.