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913 fitting

sebastien h

Hi, I have been fit for a 913 d3 diamana white this last weekend.

I want to explore the possibility of playing the 913 one inch shorter.

No fitter in my area have shorter shaft to try....

(this summer  i tried the official titleist fitter at blainvillier, golf town and titleist tour fitiing....)

So what should i do?

I would like to be more accurate with my driver.

If I order a custom 913 one inch shorter, should i get the same shaft that I was fitted full lenght? ei diamana white?

HEre are my number with the diamana white


la 12'

spin 2500


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  1. Peter C

    Hi Sebastien,

    I've always been curious about this whole shaft 'tipping' idea as well. 

    During my recent fitting, I was making consistent contact with the middle of the face (based on the impact tape marks), so it was quickly assumed standard length was fine which I accept, but I can't help but wonder if having it just that little bit shorter would help me be able to swing more aggressively while still maintaining or improving my control.

  2. Ryan P


    Our standard shaft length is 45" which we feel provides a great blend of distance and consistency.  The 45" shaft length is actually the most common driver length on the PGA Tour.  With this being said, we do not have too many fitting shafts that are 1" under standard or 44".  Most of the shafts our fitters have will be anywhere from 44.5" to 45.5" as this represents the vast majority of shafts that are built through custom.

    The optimal driver length will provide on-center hits that produce max ball speed and control.  If you go too short, you may sacrifice some distance.  Understanding your goal of becoming more consistent, going shorter may not hurt, just be advised you may sacrifice the distance as mentioned, plus the swing weight (feel) of the club will be lighter.  This can be adjusted by going with a heavier SureFit Tour Weight.

    To answer your question, if you decide to go once inch short, I would recommend staying with the shaft you were fitted for.

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

  3. sebastien h

    Tx for the answer.

    What kinda of distance I will lost from 1 inch?  

    Genreal comment:

    I would like to suggest to have the possibility of trying shorter shaft during fitting.

    Those days, we are able to "micro tune" our clubs in terms of loft/lie/spin

    Why is shaft lenght not adjustable in the same manner?

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