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Anchored Putters

Sean A

How do people feel about the anchored putter ban?  Is this an attempt to bring the game back?

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  1. Shawn P.

    I think this has been long awaited. The game of golf has been taken over by the anchored putters. In my opinion its just cheating. It's an unfair advantage being able to control your yips by anchoring a putter to your body. I think the USGA and RA has done a tremendous job in outlining exactly what is allowed and what is not. Ban should take effect immediately not in 2016. 

  2. Michael S

    Bring the game back to what? While I think it is silly to make the change now, I don't feel it is a big deal. It won't affect most golfers.

  3. Steve H

    I think the ban on the putters is the right call because putting is a skill that you have to learn. attaching it to yourself takes away the error of your swing. it should have never been allowed in the first place.

    Steve H

  4. Jake S

    For the record, I am unbiased and do not use an anchored putter.

    While I agree that anchoring a putter is a technical advantage, I feel the sport needs as much help and as many new participants as possible. If anchored putters help golfers (amateurs in particular) play better or enjoy the game more, I see it as a loss to our sport.

    Technology is always evolving and bringing advantages to golfers for 1 very important reason: to improve play which translates to enjoyment of the game.

    Furthermore, will this have any affect on the manufactures who spent R&D dollars and have stock who are already feeling the financial strain? Likely not a large concern, but nonetheless sales will cease and the stock left will be rendered useless or flogged.

    My thoughts for the day!


  5. Darius V

    There will be many opinions on this one for sure...

    Personally I think they are planning on doing the right thing. Don't ban the putter, but add clarity on the legalities of the stroke. So - in fact people can still use the long putters. Simply cannot anchor them or your forearms to you body.

    I am in with the camp that say the anchored putters can only do so much. If you cannot read the line, the proper breaks, the speed of the green, and the grain, then you will struggle with your putting regardless of what you are using. The key is to practice, practice, practice...

    Oh yeah - It helps to get lucky too !



    Glad that these things will be gone from the game in no time.


    As for people saying "what about the amatuer/recreational player" - the first time you put a long putter in your hands, and try to putt with it, it is extremely awkward, and takes a significant amount of time and practise to get comfortable and skilled with it. If a person is willing to put the time in on the putting green to get used to this tyle of putting...... perhaps if they invested the same amount of time on putting in a traditional or approve method, they would see better results.

    that being said, the people in that demographic........... generally dont play in tourny's other than the odd scramble here or there.

    People who play to compete... will accept the rule, and move on. They have no other choice.

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