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Bjarne Valentin S


I read that: 

Matteo Manassero`s new driver is:

Driver:  Titleist 913D2 8.5º (Graphite Design Tour AD DI6 X @ 45" tipped 1.5" with SureFit Tour setting B•1)

My Q is:

45" Tipped 1.5" is the total lenght 45"??

The 1.5" tipped is it to make the shaft stiffer ??

If I need an 44" in lenght and ordre it from Titleist, must I tell to tipped it or just cut the lenght, hope I have explained myself good enough


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  1. Ryan P


    I apologize for the tardiness of my reply!

    To answer your questions, the tipped 1.5" means that during the prepping of the shaft (part of the build) the build team would trim the shaft from the tip 1.5" prior to putting on the hosel.  The purpose of doing this is to stiffen up the shaft a little bit.  His shaft would be tipped 1.5" with a final build length of 45" (shaft in head).  The raw length of shafts are obviously longer than this allowing some options in the tipping. 

    If you are looking for a 44" shaft, I would request it as this or just mention 1" short of standard.  Our standard length driver is 45".  Either way we can build the shaft to your desired length.

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

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