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Grip Change for New 913D2

Peter M

Just purchased a new 913D2 at my local Golf Town and was fitted by Jason from Titleist before selecting the club. It was the first time I have been fitted and found the experience very informative. I was thinking about changing the grip from the stock grip that came with the club (Titleist Tour Velvet 360) to either a Winn DriTac Wrap Lite STD or Winn DriTac Standard.

Wondering if either of these changes would mean that I would need to change the weight that is on the bottom of the sole of my new club. I am planning to buy the new 913F when it hits the market in February and probably will look at changing that grip too. Any thoughts?

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  1. Darius V

    Peter - That is a great question...  I have large hands and use mid size grips which are slightly larger than the standard grip and have often wondered how much that would affect the action of the club. I know it certainly makes a difference in my swing as I can hold the club with looser hands which in turn allows my wrists to remain flexible.

    I look forward to hearing the responsees from the fitters as to how the change of a grip will affect the action of the club.


  2. Sam S

    Hi Peter,

      Good question - Having been doing my own re-gripping and fitting for the last 15 years you'd be surprised how little that question is asked. Keeping the Winn DriTac standard you are fine across the board with regards to weight, maybe a 2 gram difference. Switching to the lite grip you are dropping about 27 grams in overall weight, that will alter the swingweight and balance point of the club. With regards to feel you will feel the head more aswell. I'd consult a local fitter to get you set up properly...

    Good luck,


  3. Ryan P


    I am happy to hear you enjoyed your first fitting experience!

    In regards to your question, anything you change on a golf club such as the shaft (length and model), grip and even the amount of wraps under the grip will affect the overall swing weight.  One of the major benefits of the SureFit Tour Weight is able to adjust the weight to help get the feel you are looking for. 

    In your situation by changing the stock grip for the Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Lite STD you will add approximately 6 swing weight points due to the weight difference in the grips.  I am unaware of what you were fit into but I am guessing the swing weight will be around D3-D4 (assuming the stock 9 gram weight is in there).  With the new grip you will be in and around D9.  In order to get the club to have the same (or close) swing weight, I would recommend looking at the 4 gram weight or the white colour coded one.  If you went with the Winn Dri-Tac STD, it would only be a one point increase in swingweight resulting in a 7 gram weight or green colour coded one needed to get the swing weight back to the D3-D4. 

    I hope this helps and when the NEW 913 Fairways and Hybrids hit the market, we can customize the club through our build team to include that grip and a specified SureFit Tour weight or overall swing weight.

    Ryan P - Team Titleist


  4. Peter M

    Thanks for this Ryan. I am planning to get fitted for the NEW 913 Fairways when they hit the market in February. I think that I will get the fitter to adjust the weight on my new driver and then get it re-gripped with the Winn Dri-Tac Wrap Lite STD.  I will order that grip for the Fairways as well and then Titleist can ensure that the proper weight is installed with the build.  Really looking forward to the 2013 golf season with this new equipment.

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