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Shaft Fitting


Hi there,

I recently went to my local GT on a Titleist demo day to get fitted for the new 913D3. I brought my 910D3 equiped with a Project X 7C3 shaft which I absolutly love the feeling, ball flight and distance but always looking for more consistency. After trying various shaft combinations, we determined that my project X shaft produced the best results in the 913D3. However, my ball speed went from 163mph with my 910D3 to 169mph in the 913D3 equiped with my shaft. The fitter suggested I order the 913 with a Project X 7B3 which is extra stiff and slighly heavier. My normal miss with my 910 is a high fade and I have a quick tempo in my swing. People have been telling me that going to an extra stiff shaft will produce an even bigger fade and will lower my ball flight. Since they did not have the Project X 7B3 available for the fitting. I am looking at suggestions to see if I should order the 913 series with the same shaft I currently have in my 910 series or go with the extra stiff model since the 913 produces higher ball speed.

 I am also changing my 910F and 910H, both equiped with Project X 8C4 , to the 913 series. Should I also order these clubs with the Project X 8B4 to match the frequency in the driver?

Thanks for the help

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  1. Adam A

    Hi Bells,

    I know for a fact that if you go with the stiffer and heavier shaft you will slow down your swing speed, ball speed and if your normal miss is a high fade now your normal miss will be a high slice. Your normal ball flight may end up being lower but you will consistently hit a fade. You will have trouble hitting a draw. I am having the same issue with the 913, I like the feel but cannot find a shaft to go with it so I am sticking with the shaft I currently have in my 910 the X stiff ripped. Being a employee of GT I would recommend that you go back in a talk to a different club fitting member and maybe they could add a different spin on it for you. We are not all trained to the same level.

  2. Bells

    Thanks Adam,

    The people I have been talking to have been saying the same thing: miss will be a high slice. I might just stick with the same shafts in the 913 series seeing they have been treating me weel the past 2 summers.

  3. Kyle G

    Bells.... Without actually seeing your swing and ball flight it is not appropriate to give you a definitive answer on the shaft. If you are looking for an educated guess, here's what I would say... With 169 ball speed you can easily fit into an "X" flex shaft. You say you have a quick tempo swing which would lead me to assume that even with the 163 b speed and  X would be fine for you. At those speeds the high or low right shot are not going to be caused by shaft flex. Those would be a club face vs club path issue and the shaft would not be having a big influence there.

    The beauty is the shaft will work in both, so you could easily get the X flex and try it and if you can't get used to it, swap it out. I agree with Adam in that not all people are trained the same way and you may get a different outcome if you go see a different fitter. if you are close to a Titleist Regional Fitting Centre I would check them out. The fitters there will use a Trackman or Flightscope and will know the virtues of the SureFit system inside and out. 

    Feel free to throw any questions you may have my way....

    Kyle German, PGA of Canada

    Titleist Regional Fitting Centre

    Northview Golf Academy

    Surrey, BC

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