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2013 Masters and my bucket list

Ross E


Ok,  so we all have a "bucket list", and I would stand to guess that many of us on this site have some similar line items.  Mine is "MUCH" longer than Morgan Freemans was in the movie but it is consisstant with a typical 30 something.  Super Bowl, BCS Championship, Sucessful kids, Play Pepple and Pinehurst....Maybe the 4 tracks at Bandon.  And of course go to Augusta for the Masters. Its the one tournament I consider taking holidays for thursday and friday to watch it on t.v.  Augusta has been THE corse for me since i read an article on the Masters in Golf Digest.  I was about 9 at the time and in love with the game already. I havent missed a green jacket ceremony since Langer pulled it out. 

We are not what you would call a "Wealthy" family.  Everyone needs to work and times can be tough at certain points of the year, so as a father of 2 Christmas is about the kids and not me.  There was something different about this day though.  My gift from my inlaws was the last to be handed out...and everyone was silent.  I was asked to "shake the small box and tell them what i thought it was....sounds like a golf ball in a box.  When I opened the ProV box I found out I was correct....a single Titleist ( my father in law is a Titleist freak as well) but as i opened the box a bit further i realized the logo was that of "The Masters" and the paper  with it had the logo as well.  My father in law managed to get practice round tickets for my brother in law and myself.  I immedialtly broke down in the chair....This was one of the GREATEST gifts i have recieved short of 2 of the greatest kids. 

Just about the only thing that would top this off would be tickets to the par 3 tourney (or any round) but i am so excited already!!!  Hopefully i can strike up a chat with Duffner or Rory!!! I would even carry there bag!!!!!

Merry Christmas to golf fans everywhere!!!!


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  1. Mitch D

    Hi Ross,
    What a great story! Thanks for sharing!
    We look forward to hearing more about your trip.

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  2. FJL

    Ross, congratulations, you're going to love going to golf heaven.  I've been during the practice rounds as well.  Here are a few things to note so that you can get it all from your trip.....

    There are no tickets for the par three tournament, if you have a pass to get in on Wednesday, you just shuffle on over and park yourself on a hill and soak in the sun and enjoy!

    Once you're in the main gate and on the grounds, if it starts to rain, do not leave the course proper or you will not get back in until they deem it ready for play again.  Wish someone would have told me that, this is a good time to get some shopping done, like mementos and shirts, hats, etc.

    Wear your golf shoes and carry an umbrella and light jacket.

    Upon arrival, you should receive a sheet from a steward.  It lists some cool stuff on it like a message from Bobby Jones (how to act), how high they cut the greens, fairways, rough and tees.  I swear that their fairways/rough are better than any of our greens up here, it's like playing on a pool table.  I stood on the first hole and read this paper while walking toward the first green with my brother, we got to the middle of the hole where it started to go uphill and where a lot of balls land..... my brother said to look at the grass on the uphill slope of the fairway, I couldn't believe it, they have trained the grain of the grass to grow uphill, unbelievable.

    The place is immaculate, not a piece of trash on the ground anywhere, if there was, it would have a life expectancy of approximately 2 seconds because there is a steward there to stab it and bag it.  Do not go into the grounds with a logo'd cup of coffee, they will ask you to pour your coffee in their cup and will wait while you do the transfer because the Masters only advertises for itself.  They are watching you!

    Beer and sandwiches are very inexpensive, they don't gouge you.  Tents are everywhere so that you can buy stuff.

    Check out the bases of the TV towers, you'll say WOW!!  Note how all the pines have no branches up to a certain height, not fair!

    The practice facilities are second to none, there are several, (putting, driving, short game and sand).

    Hopefully haven't given away anything, just sharing with you what I wished someone would have told me prior to figuring it out myself.

    Go to the 16th hole and sit in the bleechers to the left of the tee area.  There you will witness several things, number one being a great view to see players coming up the 15th with either an wedge 3rd shot or coming in with their second from the fairway.  You will not believe the slope of the 15th green from the 16th hole bleechers but will soon understand why the players want to be long and at the back of the green.  Also, the caddies will be doing some wierd things on this green as will the players..... I'll leave that for you to witness.

    I'll leave it for you to discover why I am suggesting the 16th tee bleechers as well, I don't want to spoil it for you..... hint, hopefully Nick Faldo is there when you are, because what they are asked to do there by the fans is very impressive to watch.

    Lastly, we were at a cross roads where they let the crowds cross a fairway, it was the 14th hole.  They closed the ropes on us so that we couldn't make it accross and up walked Fred Couples to hit his 2bd shot.  He did his consultation with his caddy and then his pre-shot routine and then stepped up to hit his ball and proceeded to take the longest and deepest divot I have ever seen, totally destroying the fairway where his ball lie, he hit the green and we couldn't believe the damage created.  They opened the ropes and we proceeded to cross.  The next day we were at the identical crossing and one could not tell where the divot was dug or the damage was created, it was like it was surgically replaced by a doctor, again.... unbelievable.

    You will have an exhillerating experience, trust me.  It truly is what one would think of as Golf Heaven.  I've said enough, enjoy 

  3. Josh G

    That's a great gift, and something that's on my bucket list as well. I sign up for tickets every year and still haven't won yet. Someday...

    anyway I hope it's everything you hoped for and more. Congratulations! 

  4. Ross E

    thats truely some amazing help!!!!  i will be sure to let you know how it goes.


    really getting excited now that we are back into the season!!!!!

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