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Question about Lie Angle change

Gordon P

Hi there,

So I was recently fitted for a new set of irons, and apparently I need my irons to be bent 1.5 degrees upright. I'm currently using miz's and I'm wanting to place a custom order for a set of AP2's; however, I wanted to ask a question regarding lie angles first.

I noticed that the AP2's manufactured with a higher lie angle than what I currently use, for example, the 4-iron in an AP2 comes standard at 61 degrees, whereas the miz is standard at 60 degrees. Therefore, if I was fitted to bend my irons 1.5 degrees upright with my current set, does that mean if I order a set of AP2's, I should have them bent only 0.5 degrees upright instead of 1.5 because the standard lie angles are more upright?

Thank you!

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  1. Ryan P


    Great question and not one many people inquire or even think about. 

    Different OEM's may have different lie angles that they call their standard.  Depending on the system you were fit on may determine a completely different lie angle when we talk about upright and flat.  Most systems fit to the 6 iron but you would need to pay attention to what the fitter is fitting you with as that can really throw off lie angles if it is not a 6 iron to a 6 iron.  To get a precise comparison we will need to talk about the degree of the lie angle and not 1.5 degrees upright etc. 

    In your situation, you are correct.  Since Titleist standard on the 4 iron is 1* more upright vs. miz standard then you would only need .5* upright.  The .5* upright results in a lie angle of 61.5* which results to the 61.5* miz (standard plus 1.5* upright).

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

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