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Winter golf trip

Josh G

So my golf season is officially over. There's about 8 inches of snow on the ground. Usually when this happens I start thinking about skiing, but now I'm thinking about a golf trip. Does anyone have any good winter golf trips planned this year? I need some ideas to get the ball rolling

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  1. Bilal M

    Hey Josh,

    Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is a great golf destination with a great variety public courses to choose from on the island and many more near by (off island) that have great deals in the winter time. This is one of my golf destination I love to visit in the winter! Hope I was helpful.

    Enjoy your winter holiday Josh

    Thanks, Bilal M.

  2. Josh G

    Thanks Bilal. I've never been down to HH. Did you play Harbor Town? That's always been a course I've wanted to play. HH sounds like a wonderful suggestion though.

  3. Darius V

    Hey Josh...

    I was in Hilton Head twice now, and have played a number of the courses on the island. They were all nice courses and affordable as well if you look for the deals in the local papers while you are there.

    As for playing Harbor Town - I would say it is a must. But then again, I try to play a Tour course whenever I am in the area of one and my wallet or VISA card can bear it. Like most courses, Harbor Town has some really great golf holes and some that are a little easier (a relative term). However, if my memory doesn't fail me each hole does require a well placed shot to ensure giving you an opportunity to score well.

    If you are looking for a lower cost trip, there are some really great deals to be had in-land from Myrtle Beach near Florence etc...

    Since a lot of people want to go to the beach, heading inland can give you great golfing experiences for small or large groups at prices that are hard to beat.


  4. Darius V

    Josh...  I responded earlier so you may see two responses from me, but after I went off line, I remembered another great location for a winter golf trip. I was fortunate to spend a week at the PGA Village in Port St. Lucie Florida a number of years ago. At the time I was there, the Canadian Tour was holding a tournament there so you know the courses are top notch.

    A group of guys from my course went down there a couple of years ago for a winter golf outing, and one of the guys was so impressed with the town, he went back later and purchased a home for his future retirement. 

    Obviously - there are choices galore. Just a matter of finding one that meets your budget.


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