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Titleist 710 AP2 OEM Ferrules

Shawn P.

Just wondering if anybody knows where I can buy or if Titleist sells the OEM ferrules for the 710AP2's. I'm gonna be getting my new shafts installed and I'd like the real deal ferrules and not aftermarket ones. Thanks in advance.

Cheers Shawn

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    I'm pretty sure the 66ti ferrules on are the exact same.  $2.75/dozen.  

  2. Ryan P


    With regards to ferrules and components in general, unfortunately we do not sell individual components due to our strict quality control.  If you are not in possession of shafts currently and are in the market to re-shaft your clubs; we will be able to help you out.  I would recommend visiting your local authorized Titleist Dealer to request a return authorization number in order for all work to be completed. 

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

  3. Shawn P.

    Thanks for the the reply Ryan, it's much appreciated. I was given a set of KBS Tours for Christmas.  A buddy of mine had a couple shafts replaced on his AP1's at Golftown and they had put a smaller looking ferrule on which didn't match the rest of his set. This is what brought me to ask about the ferrules. Ryan if you don't mind answering. Are the ferrules similar that were mentioned above? 

    Thanks Shawn

  4. Ryan P


    In regards to the ferrules used by Golf Town, I apologize but I can not comment on the sizing of what they use.  I have seen ferrules of different sizes so some maybe smaller and some larger than what we utilize on our product.  In order to be consistent with the ferrules on the irons, I would recommend changing them all. 

    Please be advised that the ferrules are actually there for esthetics more than functionality.

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

  5. Shawn P.

    Thanks again Ryan. I intend to make sure that Golftown uses all the same ferrules. I'll keep you posted on how they turn out.

    Cheers Shawn

  6. Sam S

    Hi Shawn,

    In my opinion the first way to tell a quality club fitter is the quality of the ferrule install, they should always be flush with the hosel. If one can't buy flush fitting ferrules they will use slightly oversize (outside diameter only) and then "turn them down" to be flush with the hosel for a nice clean look. As mentioned above the ferrules are merely for esthics and provide no structural integrity....

    Good luck with the new shafts!

    Sam S.

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