2013 Club Cameron Membership

Started by : Chris W |

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Chris W

Huge fan of the new Membership kit!  

Who renewed or started a membership this year?  

Mark M

I have been tempted to do it in years past (kicking myself about last year with that awesome putting cup) and have convinced myself to go for it this year. I tried to buy it on the weekend but it appears to be temporarily out of stock. I'll have to keep checking back! I'm loving the yellow and black this year.

Mark M

Update: These were available again today. Needless to say I now have one on the way in 4-6 weeks. Maybe it'll be a better than usual valentines day...

Club ChampionCertified Titleist Fitting Professional

Matthew S

Renewed as well. They usually ship first week of march for the first shipment then usually the week after that for a 2nd batch. 

Certified Titleist Fitting Professional

Michael Martysiewicz

I renewed of course ! sadly shipped to my US address so i don't get it as soon as everyone else ?

very excited for this kit and a great 2013 season for TITLEIST ! 

Carl D

I'll be renewing shortly.  Love the sticker this year.