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Shaft 913H

Marcel L

I have a 913 D2  with a RIP60  and a 913F on order with a RIP 70 , any idea why Titleist does not offer the RIP 85 as a option in the 913H ?

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  1. Shawn P.

    I went through this last year with my 910H. I play the Rip 60 in my 910D3 and my 913D3. The RIP shaft is amazing and that's why I wanted to get it in my Hybrid. With some searching I was able to find out that the RIP hybrid shaft didn't pass testing or in other words didn't meet Titleist standards. I know it's an upcharge but a great shaft that I found in comparison was the Graphite Design Tour AD DI-85s. That's what I'll be ordering in my 913H.

    Hope this helps but other people will chime in.

    Cheers Shawn

  2. Marcel L

    Thank's Shawn , I wonder if installing the RIP 85 through a club fitter would work , Taylor Made have the RIP 85 in their hybrids don't they ?

  3. Shawn P.

    Hey no problem. It's funny that you mention that cause im playing the exact club your talking about. Unfortunately the RIP shaft in the TM club has a different tip size as its a made for shaft. That's why I switched to Graphite Design so I could get my 910 Hybrid in play. 

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