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Hi there,

I bought new clubs last year and when ordered, I asked for Titleist to install white Golf Pride Multicompound midsize grips. when received, I was shocked to see that Titleist had actually beefed up a regular size grip to make it a midsize instead of installing the midsize model. When I asked the fitter at the Titleist academy from where I bought my clubs, he told me Titleist does this to better balance the clubs. Now comes the time to re-grip my clubs and was wondering how many wraps of tape Titleist does actually put under a regular size grip to make it to a midsize? I want to intsall the yellow MultiCompound grips this year and know they do not offer these in midsize. My local GT has their annual regripping event and would rather buy the grips half price and have them install them rather than shipping back to Titleist.

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Matthew S

Best way to find out is to cut one off and peel the layers of tape carefully and see how many. Usually to get a std to a mid it's 3-4 wraps. 

Ricky S

To get a standard to a midsize is 4 wraps I just had it done about a month ago 


Ricky, did you have it done by Titleist?

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Ryan P


Apologize for the tardiness of the reply. 

In regards to the amount of tape used, it can vary from location to location as different places may have tape that is a little thicker than others.

Typically with Titleist irons we use a combination of tape as well as special cloth to assist in the building of the grips.  This depends on the core of the grip.  Should you wish to proceed with the Golf Town grip sale, from past experience I believe what your fellow Team Titleist members have suggested would be appropriate to build it to as close to a mid size as possible while using a standard size grip.

Ryan P - Team Titleist