Team Titleist Bag Tags

Started by : Mike H |

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Mike H

Any idea when we can get our hands on these?

Shawn P.

I caught wind of these on the Titleist Twitter account the other day. They actually look pretty sick. I was quoted on Twitter saying to wait until the snow melts lol ;). So I'm pretty sure we will be seeing these in the near future. Can't wait!

Cheers Shawn

Mike H

Right on thanks ! Here in Mississauga most of the snow is gone ;) 

Steve H

That would be great to get. Hopefully we will.



Alex Z

Indeeed, that would look very sharp on the bag.

Stephen F

it would be wonderful if Titleist sent out Team Titleist bag tags!!!!

Wendy H

Sounds great! I'd love to add one to my bag.

David S

Would look good on my bag  :-)

Sal J

Woo-whoo Team Titleist - I'd like my golf bag to look super cool with one of these too...please/s'il vous plait :)

Jeremy M

would love to add one of these to my bag...  hook it up Titleist!!!

Rick Y

Yeah been hitting balls for a month can't wait to get going would be nice to have TT tag the snow will be gone in Calgary soon suppose to be 12 today and tomorrow

Stephen M

Would be great to have one on my bag with my new Titleist 913's Driver, 3 wood and 3 hybrids.

Ryan G

I would love to display one on my Titleist bag!

Tim S

Is Titleist just sending them out to lucky team members? It would be great to have one on my bag. I love my Titleist equipment and would be proud to display this tag.


Tom E

Yeah, I have to agree with the bag would be the finishing touch on my off season switch over to Titleist!!