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Hey Team Titleist

Got a tweet back from @TitleistCA saying to message with location, since there might be some demo CB's available to try.  I'd love to try out a set of the CB Forged irons, MRH with Project X 6.0, or stock stiff.  I'm an assistant @RoyalWoodbineGC and not sure which set I'd prefer between the CB Forged and the AP2's.  If its possible to try some during the winter, I'm working @LakeshoreLinks for the next month.  

Our Rep is Tim Doyle, and partially the reason I decided to switch to Titleist this year, and for the foreseeable future.  Great guy and tremendous sales rep.

Love to hear back 

Thanks so much

Vince Marra

Team Titleist Staff

Mitch D

Hi Vince,

We just spoke with Tim Doyle. He will be in touch with you soon via your email address listed in you Team Titleist profile.


Mitch D