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910 Surefit Adapters

Shawn P.

I recently purchased some real deal aftermarket shafts. (Graphite Design Tour AD & Oban Kiyoshi) that i would like to play in my 910 clubs. I would like to have the tips pulled from two demo clubs that I bought from GolfTown and was wondering if this is something Titleist could do. I had GolfTown pull a tip before from a 910 Driver shaft and I wasn't pleased with the result. The paint on the adapter was flaking off from too much heat applied. Any insight on this or direction to a place that won't let this happen. As this will affect resale value if I decide to sell the shafts later.

Thanks Shawn

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  1. Ryan P


    In regards to the re-tipping of components not purchased through Titleist (aftermarket or raw), this is unfortunately not a service we can provide.  The reason being is the shafts that we purchase direct from the different shaft vendors go through rigorous quality control measures to ensure it performs to our high Titleist standards.  We also strongly discourage the tampering of clubs after purchase as this does void all warranty.

    In order to get around this, we do offer "shaft only" purchases in our metals (from 910 series on) that has the ability for the shaft to be purchased with the desired length, grip, the SureFit Tour Hosel.  The hosel can also be requested to be placed in a specific location (ie. B4) so that the logo on the shaft and the grip line up correctly.  By going this route we can ensure the shaft passes our quality measures and is prepped and put together by one of our builders.  With this avenue for procuring a shaft for your 910, we would still honour the warranty on the shaft.

    For any shaft only orders, please visit your local Authorized Titleist dealer for order placement and pricing inquiries.

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

  2. Shawn P.

    Thanks for the quick response Ryan. I kinda figured that would be the case. I will just have to stick with GolfTown for getting the work done on the 910 shafts. That way I can place my order for those shafts in the 913 line up through you guys. Kind of disappointing that I can't use these shafts in my new 913 metals. Gets pretty expensive that way.

    Thanks again Shawn

  3. Mark H

    Hi Ryan,

    I've got a 910 D3 with a Diamana Blue Board X63 that I like, but don't love. I have had Diamana White Boards pretty much my entire career. They didn't have a white board to hit when I was fitted, so I ordered the blue board.

    My question is, I have been informed that the white board X63 is no longer available. Is this correct? I would do just about anything to get my hands on one from Titleist as opposed to after market...



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