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Darryl B

Hey guys Had a free fitting at golf town heartland in mississauga 

the guys took 5 minutes to try to fit me because he only cared about the pepole that where testing the new dirver and hybrids. He let me have 3 swings with the AP1 and said that was the club i need yet i told him i shoot in the low 80's and high 70's and like to move the ball alot so i told him I wanted to try the AP2 but he said no you only need the AP1's  

I am really upset with the service and i am really thinking of switching to cally


Thanks Darryl

Team Titleist Staff

Mitch D

Hi Darrul,

We're very sorry to hear about your experience. We'll be in touch with you via email to find out more details.


Mitch D

Team Titleist Canada