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standard swingweights


I can't seem to find the standard swingweight for the 913D and 913f/fd's.  I'm assuming D2?


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  1. Ryan P


    In regards to your question about the standard swing weight in our 913D series of metals, you will see small subtle differences between the stock shafts due to the overall weight of the shaft.  On a whole, we are running closer to D3-D4.  This is utilizing the 9 gram or Red SureFit Tour Weight.

    As for the fairways and hybrids, again shaft dependant but you at D3. 

    Please be advised that any variable you change through custom such as shaft, shaft length, grip and size you will alter the swing weight.  We do have 5 different SureFit weights from 4 grams through 14 grams that can help dial you in to a desired swing weight.  If you are looking for either a specific swing weight OR actual SureFit Tour weight at the time of order, please ask your local authorized Titleist dealer to include the request and we will assist in any way we can.  

    Ryan P - Team Titleist



    Thanks for the reply!

    I ordered a set of irons last year without grips and standard swingweight. Do you know if they would make them to play at standard D2 with tour velvets installed?  I originally wanted whiteout grips installed, but they were out of stock. I'm just wondering if you would have any idea around what swingweight they would be now with the whiteout grips installed?  I've tried a few different swingweight scales and got readings from around D2-D4.5.  Just wondering if you would know how they make them without grips.  

    Thanks in advance!

  3. Ryan P


    Swing weights can change depending on the shaft used as well as length.  Can you please forward me the shaft model and length as I require it to try to look at what the standard swing weight would be with that set up. 

    As for the Golf Pride Whiteout grips, you can add 1/2 a swing weight point to the set over the Tour Velvets. 

    When we build clubs without grips, we take into consideration the weight of the grip and the designated effect on swing weight the grip as (ie add 1/2 a point or subtract 1 point)

    Ryan P - Team Titleist


    I got tour issue x100 shafts (soft stepped 1x) at standard length. 

  5. Sean A


    A buddy and I just did our swing weighting for our irons.  We both have MB's and KBS tour X flex shafts.  We have golf pride grips on them.  Both of our swing weights were standard from the manufacturer and were D1.

    We wanted them heavier so we added lead to them and corked in the shaft.  We put them up to D4 and it took around 10 oz. to go from D1 to D4.

    Hope that helps.



    Thanks for the reply Sean!

    I just placed an order for a digital swing weight scale and a few rolls of lead tape. Let the tinkering begin. 

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