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712 CB/MB Combo Purchase


I am looking into purchasing a new set of 712's 3-6 CB and 7-P in MB. I noticed in another post that AP2's standard lie is 2* upright. I was wondering if this was the case for the CB and MB models as well. If I am ordering directly through Titleist and I ask for 1* flat is that a true 1* flat? Or is it 1* less than the original 2* upright like the AP2's come stock?



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  1. Matthew S

    You misread the post, what was stated was that AP2 heads are manufactured with 2 different moods, one produces std lie and the other produces 2* upright. They do this so they don't have to bend as much for custom orders. Of you order flat in either head they will be relative to the std lie the lie in the CB/MB is no different than the AP2

  2. GeeGees12

    Thanks, my mistake for misreading the post. Look forward to ordering!! Another question, is there any other shaft options for the CB/MB combo set that would not be an up-charge? Or are DG X-100 my only option?

    Thanks again,


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