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Hybrid vs 3 iron

Pit Raymond



I'm not sure i'm ready for hybrid but is it possible to shape a shot with hybrid? I will probably buy Ap2 set soon and i'm not sure between taking 3 to pw or 4 to pw and add hybrid????

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  1. Bradley L

    It is possible to shape a hybrid.  Are you looking for something more workable I'd suggest looking into the new HD or the 712 U coming out soon.  Both would be more workable than a 913H.

    They both should be coming out middle of this month, but will be custom order only.   

  2. Porky

    Any isea if and when the 712 U`s will be available in Canada

  3. Darius V

    If you are a lower handicap player (below 10) then you should have no problem shaping shots with either the three iron or hybrid. When I got my AP1 712's last spring, I went with the 3 iron and had a rescue hybrid in my bag. No three wood in my bag right now. If I do add one later, it will likely replace  one of my wedges as I find the three iron a favorite club on many shorter par 4's that require precision shots to both fairway and green.

    However - a lot of people seem to be moving away from the 3 iron and adding hybrids to their bags instead, so there must be a reason :)


  4. Bradley L

    I think it is March 15th.  I know the 18* FD is at that time, and I think the 712U is the at the same time.

  5. Pit Raymond

    After visiting our Golf Town yesterday and tried hybrid, i will order my new set with 3 iron in... anyway still have one place in my bag so i will wait to see 712U.



  6. Stephen F

    I've always liked having a 3-iron.  I tried an 18 degree hybrid for a while but kept feeling like I wanted a 3 in the bag.  I couldn't find one to match my AP1's so I ordered a 710 from golf town and it's close (my AP1's are previous version).  I have a 16 degree rescue that subs for a 2 iron, and carry a 3 wood and 2 wedges!   I just find better feel in the 3 than in the hybrid and that probably gives me more confidence when I'm standing over a shot....

    my 2 cents


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