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910 D3 Adapters

Benson W

I recently purchased a new shaft that I'd like to use. However, I didn't order it through Titleist. My problem is that I'd like to keep my old shaft with Sure Fit Adapter on it so that I can use it as a spare shaft. I'm just wondering if it is possible for me to buy an adapter from Titleist and have my clubmaker to install it for me? 

Also, I'd like to know if I can put my 910 shafts with the original adapter onto a 913 club head? I'm going to buy a new 913 hybrid, but I prefer to use the shaft that I have now. 


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  1. Jeff L

    I don't think Titleist offers the adapter alone. You will have to purchase a shaft with the surefit adapter from an authorized Titlest dealer.

    See topic:

    910 driver shaft with the surefit adapter are the same for the 913 drivers only. However, 910 fairway and hybrids shafts are not interchangable with their 913 counterparts.

  2. Ryan P


    As Jeff has alluded to, we do not sell individual adaptors.  We do however offer shaft only orders in which our own build team uses approved components and can send to you already set up (including the desired SureFit Tour Hosel location). 

    As for the interchangability, we have re-designed the hosel height for the 913F, Fd, and H to lower the centre of gravity; this being said 910 shafts (hosels) can not interchange with the NEW 913 metals (minus the driver).  In order to get around this we do offer a re-tipping service for 910F, 910Fd, 910H shafts to put on the new hosel so you can place the shaft into the new club.  Please be advised the club MUST be of original spec (no tampering such as prior removal of the hosel etc).  Please visit a local authorized Titleist dealer to discuss all pricing of this service.

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

  3. Benson W

    Thanks Jeff for your information. I think aftermarket adapter is my only choice for now then. 

  4. Benson W

    Thanks Ryan for your response. I'm wondering where will I be able to order a shaft from Titleist? Will I be able to order it myself without going through one of the dealers? 

    As for the 913 hosel on F, Fd, and H, do I need to send the head back in order to have Titleist re-tipping for me or just the shaft in original spec is fine? 

  5. Shawn P.

    Well we are on topic about adapters. Would it be possible to get Titleist to shorten my driver shaft (Authentic Titleist Shaft) to a 3 wood length and change the tip to work in the new 913F? 

    Thanks Shawn

  6. Ryan P


    In regards to the ordering of any shaft from Titleist, just visit your local authorized Titliest dealer and they will be able to place an order on your behalf.  If you need any assistance in locating an authorized facility, please visit our Golf Shop Locator at   Since we are considered a wholesaler, we would require you to order it through an account. 

    As for sending in the head, we would recommend that you do.  It allows our Tech to adjust the full club and clean it up if needed.  Just something to think about; if your current set up differs from the stock A1 SureFit position for right handed or D4 for left handed, please ask the shop to include those special instructions (eg C3 or B1).  We have the ability to line up the graphics and grip to the desired position. 

    Ryan P - Team Titleist


  7. Benson W

    Thanks again Ryan! 

    I will for sure visit one of the dealers to sent my 910H back for re-tipping. However if there is a tour fitting event from any of the dealer, I'm wondering will it be able for me to order one shaft for my driver right a way from them? 

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