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Titleist will have something very special launching soon..........

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

Here's a sneak peak! ; )

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  1. Michael Y

    Looks very interesting as aleays :)

  2. Eric S

    Why would you do this to me? What kind of ball is it? When will it be released? This is gonna drive me nuts!! Lol

  3. Wendy H

    Good one! Can't wait to see.........

  4. Shawn P.

    Here we go again with another trick up the sleeve of Titleist. I'm gonna guess that it will be Limited Edition Pink Prov1's. I will be paying attention to this thread very closely.

    Cheers Shawn

  5. Alex Z

    Hmmmmmmm, interesting. We could guess but we would really never know. On my phone it appears to have a slight pink hue, perhaps a pink prov1x in support of breast cancer. As a cancer survivor I would support it by my purchase in a second. Can't wait to see, when will we know Mitch?

  6. FJL

    Mitch, please let it be THE Titleist T-Shirt!  LOL!

  7. Matthew S

    Something cool!!! Would love some pink prov1x, I'd game those. 

  8. Maxime R

    It looks to me like a Bubba Watson LE pro v1 balls?  My guess anyway! 

  9. Kris B

    Saw this posted elsewhere:

    "Hello All,
    I am now back from our sales meeting and PGA Show with some great new items to be sold in your shops this spring.  I know that most of you are not in your shops this time of year but hopefully be checking emails.  I will be showing these products during our spring run, but wanted to make everyone aware of these asap as these products are a limited edition and will sell out.   

    Along with the launch of our #1 Ball in Golf franchise, the New Pro V's, we are excited to offer a Limited Edition option within our line of products.   

    Many of you have expressed interest in a Women's ball by Titleist and here it is.........

    #1- Pink Pro V's

    Limit 24 Dozen per location

    • Limited Edition Pro V1 with pink play number and side stamp
    • Product and performance is the same as the New
      2013 Pro V1
    • Available for Pro V1 only (no Pro V1x)•
    • Shipping Window:  April 15th – May 15th
    • 1 time shipment, no fill-ins

    Limited Edition Bag:

    #2- Titleist Pink Bag

    Limited quantities available for spring 2013 and are first come first serve..
    • Custom options are available and would be embroidered on the spine/ball pocket of the bag

    With an April shipment, this is a great display and/or gift options for all your shops for Mother Day in May."

    Pink lettered Pro V1 lady prototype



    I can see it now with my custom ordered logo... krisb balls.  If they look like the ones above I'd play them.

  10. Nolan

    Pink ProV's in time for Mother's Day is my guess 

  11. Stephen F

    Whatever it is it looks great .... Titleist rules as usual!!!

  12. Cecile B

    Pink lettered golf balls ?    Just in time for Mothers Day,      great stuff.

    By the way I tried for the first time outside my new 913D,  Wow .... 15 yards longer than my old 910D.

    Verry straight ball flight  and great sound..

  13. Kris B

    Titleist Pro V1 Pink Limited Edition Golf Balls are now available at Golftown and other fine retailers.  Golftown's website shows the same information as the regular Titleist Pro V1 ball... the only obvious difference being the "Limited Edition Pink Sidestamp and Play Number" showing on the box.  Not sure how long they will be available but they will definitely be a hit for Mother's Day.  

     Below please find Golftown's ad... listed with their other Titleist Mens Golf Balls.  I like them!  See what you see...

    Titleist Pro V1 Pink Limited Edition Golf Balls

    Tour-proven around the globe, the new Titleist Pro V1 Pink Limited Edition Golf Balls combine exceptional distance, consistent flight, very soft feel, and Drop-And-Stop greenside control. The multi-component construction of the Pro V1 golf ball utilizes soft-compression ZG Process Core technology and features a responsive ionomeric casing layer and an improved high-performance Urethane Elastomer cover system with a 352 tetrahedral dimple design to deliver unparalleled performance.

    Additional features:

    • More distance
    • Consistent ball flight
    • Drop-and-Stop greenside control
    • Even softer feel on all shots
    • Longer lasting durability
    • New soft-compression core with ZG Process technology
    • Responsive ionomeric casing layer
    • New high-performance Urethane Elastomer cover system
    • Spherically tiled 352 tetrahedral dimple design
  14. Thomas D

    It's a prov 1x with the number with the final round score of 69....Adam Scott's 69 edition.  Go Auzzie!!  Haha...

  15. Mitch D

    You got it Kris!
    These should be available for a limited time at your local Golf Town Store along with many on course Titleist Authorized Retailers as well.  Note: These are available in very limited supply so it is likely that Titleist Authorized Retailers will only have them in stock for a short period of time.

    The ball construction and performance is identical to 2013 Pro V1.  Here is the blog post we shared on April 17th -

    It is great to hear you like the looks of the Limited Edition Pro V1's! Thank you very much for sharing all that info with your fellow Team Titleist Members.  If you do indeed put it into play, please feel free to post a pic of the ball pegged up on the first tee! #MyTitleist

    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

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