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Ball flight with AP irons


Last year I had the 712 AP1's in my bag and liked them overall, but I hit them fairy high. In the offseason I decided to switch to the 712 AP2s to get a lower more penetrating ball flight. Over the weekend I played my first couple rounds with the new AP2s and I found nearly every shot I was hitting moonshots. Everything left the club face high and stayed very high, which usually meant 10 yards less than what I usually hit my irons, the ball just didnt have any "pop". They are the R300 shafts and after comparing the specs from the AP1 to the AP2 online, I noticed nearly every club is 2° weaker in the AP2. The reason why I switched was to get my ball flight down, is it better to take them to a club fitter and get stronger lofts, or to replace the shafts with lower launching and possibly stiff. What would you do?



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  1. Sam S

    Hi Nolan,

       I would definitely consult your nearest authorized Titleist fitter to go over all your specs and needs...


    Good luck,


  2. Stephen F

    My 2 cents:  I'd for sure go to stiff shafts, and if you want lower ball flight to to a certified Titleist fitter and get them custom bent 2 or 3 degrees stronger.  I have the AP1's - they do go higher than I'm used to but I don't lose any yardage.  Also, there's quite a difference in the AP1, and AP2 , the AP2 being much less forgiving.  Some Project X 5.5 or 6.0's on them, and custom bending might just solve your issues but definitely see a Titleist Certified club fitter before you do anything....

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