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Colby F

I didn't want to threadjack, I was also wondering about the time frame for delivery on the 913HD. I had ordered a 20* and 23* in March, and I haven't heard anything regarding shipping times or estimated delivery. I was just wondering what the estimated time frame usually is? Thanks

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  1. Ryan P


    Typically with custom clubs such as the 913Hd we quote 7-10 business days in regards to delivery.  This all depends on if all components are available at the time of build (some components are on shortage and some need to be ordered direct from the shaft vendor).  With your particular order, we did experience a small delay with the 20* head. 

    We do apologize for the delay; my recommendation would be to contact the place of purchase and have them contact our club department to look up the order and confirm a delivery date to you.

    Ryan P - Team Titleist

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