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Why Titleist irons?

James K

I like Titleist.  What it represents.  Owned wedges, putters, and woods - never their irons.  Been hitting the miz MP64s and the 712MBs recently in-store.  I want to prefer the 712s.

Was close to pulling the trigger on the Mizunos - held off.  Having an iron fitting with Chris W. at the National Fitting Centre @ Eagle's Nest in June.  Excited to see what Titleist is like up close and personal.  Besides, who else is sending sleeves of <-- test --> Pro Vs to their fans.

Why should I represent Titleist and use their irons?

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  1. Darius V

    A good reason is that they seem to work well !

    I was a die hard ??? fan for my irons until I got fitted for my irons and found that my game improved. (and yes - I was fitted for my other brand as well). I have been so impressed with my iron play that I went and oredred a new 913 driver as well.

    I am not doing it as a favour to Titleist. I am playing Titleist clubs now for one simple reason - THEY WORK !

    Looking forward to hearing how your game improves with a new set of Titleist in your bag.


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