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TT BAG & Lanyards

jocelyn r

Just wanted to say thanks to Team Titleist for the TT Bag Tag & Lanyard.Very good suprise on my mail.look great on my bag

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  1. Peter C

    Couldn't agree more!  Thx TT!!!!  Looking forward to trekking around to some of the top golf spots in Canada with bag tag in tow!

  2. Michael Martysiewicz

    Thanks Team Titleist ! The gift rocks !!! Everyone keeps asking where I got it ! Don't know if I should switch my lanyard from my PGA tour one to my new team titleist. 

    Again thanks for the cool gift. You guys rock !!! 

  3. Bob D

    Did all TT members receive one?  I didn't unless someone at Canada Post got mine instead. 


  4. Pete

    Thanks slot TT for the bag tag looks sweet
  5. Pete

    Sweet bag tag thanks TT looks great :D
  6. Peter H

    TT Bag Tag looks great on my Titleist Mid-Size Staff Bag. A big thank you to Titleist!

  7. Kris B

    Team Titleist bag tag looks really great on my all Titleist bag... I've had many compliments from fellow players.  Thanks Team Titleist staff for the cool gift. 

  8. Clayton D

    Just wanted to say thank you to Titleist for the Bag Tag. 

    Looks good on my mid sized staff bag which I just received as well. 

    Loving the new gear! 913D3 and new 712U 2 iron is pure!!

    Thanks  again! 

  9. Blake R

    Just got back from a holiday, checked the mail and surprise surprise; a Team Titleist Bag Tag!!

    Thank you very much, they look great!

  10. Sam S

    Yes, thank you TT. The bag tag looks great on my bag with my new sticks!!

  11. Mitch D

    Thank you ALL for checking in and sending your appreciation for the bag tags!  Just another reason to make sure your profile information/shipping address is up-to-date and accurate and that you continue to interact on the Team Titleist discussion boards and blogs. ; )

    We hope your season has started off in top form and you're enjoying the Titleist product that you're gaming! 

    As always, please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, comments or simply just want to say 'HELLO'!

    As the U.S Open gets closer, we can't wait to bring you inside-the-ropes this week and update you on all the exciting news rolling out in the months ahead.

    All the best,
    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  12. Mitchell C

    Hey Mitch - will everyone be receiving the bag tag & lanyard?

    Looking forward to receiving mine!

    From a fellow Mitch!

  13. Paul J

    Hi Mitch,

    Any chance of getting a bag tag and lanyard?


  14. Brian M

    I would also like to get my hands on a bag tag and lanyard!

  15. Stephen F

    i was at the course the other night and our pro drove up in a cart and we had a chat.  He noticed my team titleist bag tag hanging and was very curious as to how I got it....i gave him the scoop, and showed him the lanyard as well and he quickly left to go online and sign up. 

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