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AP2 Shaft Change


Hello fellow Titleist enthusiasts,

I'm going to be switching out the shafts on my 710 AP2s from True Temper S300 to X100.  The recommendation to swap them out was made by an area Titleist representative when I went for a fitting a few weeks back (had the iron shafts reviewed and got fitted for the 913H and Fd).  The X100s that were placed in the AP2 demo felt pretty sweet (I am a moderate-fast swing speed/high spin player).  I'm hoping that the ball flight is a little more penetrating and I can pick up a few extra yards.

Does anyone have any experience switching from S300 to X100?  Thoughts?  Opinions?

Keep enjoying the season everybody!

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  1. Stephen F

    Hi.  I had a set of AP2's with project x 6.0's and I found them to be a bit stiffer than S300's.  you might want to try and swing those too if you can 

  2. Mark M

    I made this swap a couple years back. For me, my iron play became more accurate with the x100's. The shafts weigh the same but are just a little more stout. 

  3. BStew

    Did you find that the trajectory was a little more penetrating?  How about your distance - increased/decreased?


    I did the same switch and couldn't believe the difference it made.  I play my x100's soft stepped 1x and all I can say is WOW!!! I have a feeling you are going to be 1 happy camper.  Hope they work as good for you as they do for me!!!

  5. BStew

    Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback - very encouraging!  I can't wait to make the switch!

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