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Thoughts on the Open Championship...

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

While The Masters ranks at the top of my list for favourite tour stops through out the year, The Open is a VERY close second.

Rich in history, tradition and unique shots!  It is always fun to watch the best in the world hit creative shots that rarely come up at any other tour stops.  Pot bunkers, hard roles, sloping putts, fescue........

What is your favourite part of The Open Championship?
Where does it rank amongst your favourite tour stops to watch?
We look forward to hearing your thoughts below!

Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

4 Replies

  1. FJL

    It definitely is different golf over there, as I found out back in the late 70's when I visited, the elements such as wind and the firmness of the ground that you play from are unexpected and not anything like here at all in any respects, never mind the bunkers and the swails in the greens. 

    I agree with you Mitch, it is my second favourite after The Masters as well because of the skill level involved to play old school golf in that you need to know how to hit knock downs, pitch and run shots and mostly, deal with the elements and shape all your shots so that they end up on a proper line that may be off by 30 yards or so (lol).  Your bag of 14 clubs has to turn into an arrow quiver whereby your 14 clubs have several shots each which doesn't leave you with one shot per club, therefore equalling 14 arrows, your bag (quiver) needs 60 + arrows for a variety of shots which are rarely seen over here. 

    A lot of golfers on this side of the pond rarely take the surroundings around them into consideration, again, the wind, the terrain, the lie, the design of the course, the swing, the ball flight, etc., only because they deem them as a "non-controllable and they simply swing away to try and defeat the aforementioned.  When one goes across thepond to play links golf, they soon become aware of the surroundings around them because it effects their game and then the emotions take over, like total frustration and at that point, you're defeated only because you just don't know what to do. 

    I believe that one can truly control the "un-controllables" in that you can control the take away of your club upon initiating a swing, especially when it's approached with a long, low and slow thought process and incorporated within your pre swing routine.  Just the fact that it's slow, you can visually "catch yourself" taking it inside or outside before it reaches your back foot... you stop, you're in control.  You can se the impact on the ground with your practice swing and if it's improperly digging up a divot you can adjust your stance. 

    The methodical mechanical player who has grooved the mechanics into his swing thoughts, will prevail in the Open and always does over here as well, it's not just a hot streak, it's control, that's the key and by going over there and playing links golf, you learn real fast that golf over here vs. there is different.  Just my $0.02

  2. Darius V

    As much as I love the Masters, to me the Open Championship is the golf event that is so steeped in history it is the one to watch.

    I was fortunate enough to play a few of the venues, including Muirfield a few years ago, and the golf on a course like that is significantly different than what we play here.

    What I find disappointing is the media making such a big thing about the membership rules at Muirfield. Let us focus on the quality of the game and the competition. Links golf is a thrill to watch. So much more to deal with when you have to hit your ball to a spot while keeping in mind how far it is going to run on the ground before it comes to a stop. I love the fairway bunkers that automatically will cost you a stroke unless you make an amazing putt to save par.


  3. Michael Martysiewicz

    Yes the Masters is a great tournament and to win a green jacket is very special but in my opinion, if i was on the PGA tour i would like to have the Open as my first major win, due to the history behind the Open and the claret jug especially winning a tournament at the home of golf. If i had a choice to win i would want to win the Open at St. Andrews and of course with a bag full of titleist equipment !

  4. Darius V

    Well - We have seen the completion of day 3 at The Open, and I have to say it has been very interesting to watch how links golf can make the pros work so hard to shoot good scores.

    The hidden bunkers and the fairways sloped to guide a slightly off track ball into a shallow grave of sand are doing their part to keep scores down. No relief for a wayward shot that goes into the trees because there are no trees ! The golfer can see where they have to hit the ball, but often "can't get there from here" because the fescue prevents them from hitting the shot they need. No throwing the ball high up over a hazard with a lot of back-spin for the wind will catch the ball and lead it into another bunker that lies lurking behind or beside the green !

    I love it !  A true battle of nature forming a golf course and the best of the best trying to tame it :)

    Sunday should be an interesting finish. Anything can (and will) happen. Can hardly wait to see how it ends.

    Hoping that Lee Westwood can pull it off - A golfer that deserves a few good breaks to go along with his skill to finally get a Major on his resume !


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