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Titleist AP1 or AP2?

Raphael N

Hi, im 14 and i have a 7 handicap and going to change my golf clubs this autumn, i currently play with TM r11 irons.

My swing path is around the square square swing. My only problem is that i dont have alot of distance so my main objective would be to gain distance. I tried the ap2 and i hit them really well, i only tried a 3 iron so i couldnt really make a comparison with the r11 since it only goes to 4 iron. I didnt tried the ap1 outside but the fitting center gave me about 10 more yards than my usual 7 iron (i hit my r11 7 iron 130 yards). Without bragging my swing is near perfection so im not really into going with a game improvement club so i just really need help.

I practice and play every day, im from quebec so during winter its snowy but im in a high school sport class and i practice every day during winter time indoors

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  1. Stephen F

    Well done!  A 7 and you're only 14.  You have lots of golf and I'm sure lower handicaps ahead of you.  In your situation I'd for sure recommend you get the AP2's - that being said, go to a fitter or golf town and swing the AP1's also just to see which you feel you like better.   Keep it up and who knows, we could be watching you on TV some day.

  2. Alex Goodyear

    I recommend getting fit for ap2's by a Titleist pro who has a trackman.

    That way you will have maximum playability.

  3. Darius V

    I recommend you go to a certified fitter and try both the AP1 and AP2 irons.

    When I went for my fitting, I was a 7 and the fitter found little difference in performance based on my swing. I went for the AP1 irons as they simply "felt" better in my hands.

    Golf is a fickle game, and feel is very important.


  4. Kevin B

    You can never go wrong with swinging both of them on a launch monitor, I wen't from a forged mb/cb combo set to the ap1's for the same reason Darius V. did. I swung both, hit both of them well but the ap1 gave me a slightly higher launch and just felt more comfortable. 

    My old man always told me that I should always play the most forgiving iron I can stand to look down at. 

  5. Oviechkin

    Hey Raphael,

    Id say go with the ap2s. I just got fitted for them today and I loved them. I have a much higher handicap then you and still hit them well. Their quite forgiving and I'm sure they are a better fit for you than the AP1s. As far as distance, don't worry about it right now as you are only 14. You'll become stronger as you get older and be able to put more power in your game. Get fitted with a track man or something like it so you can see what is causing the lack of distance specifically. Of course, try both out but I think the ap2 set will amaze you.

    Have a good one,


  6. Connor H

    Hey Raph, 

    I'm 15 and im in your same position. i only hit my 7 iron about 160 and i want to get into players iron as i have a 9 handicap. i wouldnt worry about distance as last year i only hit my 7 about 135. just go and try them both at golftown and buy the ones that feel best to you. i hope to go for a fitting soon at eagles nest and hopefully will be gaming the new 714 ap2's next season. Good luck and maybe see you around 

    Cheers ,


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