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Titleist 913 D2 Driver

Robert B

Just bought a new Titleist 913 D2 driver. First 2 practice games I played around with loft/lie to finally leave it at A1 original

3rd game was serious game & I played my best ever game at 74 on a par 73 course. Previous was the odd 75 years ago.

3 birdies & 4 boogies

My game is normally 85 on similar course.

My driver gave me so much confidance everything was also going great

I ordered the matching 3 wood 913 F and can"t wait to try it

Almost everything in my bag is (or was ) TM

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  1. Darius V

    I got the 913 D2 earlier this year and I have to agree with you Robert. The confidence one gets from hitting fairways consistently certainly carries over to the remainder of the game.

    Hope you get the 3 wood and F in enough time for you to get in a number of rounds before the season ends.


  2. Patrick L

    I use to be TM in the bag as well.

    I converted to titleist, and ever since i got the 913D2, its been amazing drives. 

    I recently got the 3 wood as well and its been amazing. impeccable contact. 

    I'm actually considering getting the 5 wood as well to finish my set.

  3. Connor H

    Hey I hear ya Robert I made the change from TM to Titleist and I have no regrets! Love hitting every fairway with my 913 D2 driver and will be even more excited to go pin hunting with my new 713 Ap2's when they come out! Titleist clubs just perform so much better and still don't know why I never started with Titleist. Love draining every putt I look at with my new Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport 2!

    CHeers, Connor

  4. Tom E

    I have to admit, I have been leaving my 913 D2 in the bag lately :(  I have been struggling with a big time slice lately ever since I came back from a back injury (can't be from too much golf).  I did purchase the 5 wood FD and hybrid at the same time with my driver.  I can't believe how well I am hitting the 5 wood of the tee and with a lot of confidence!!  I am outdriving my buddies using their driver so I must admit, I am okay "for now" without my driver.  But earlier in the year, I loved the driver so hopefully it was from the 4 weeks off injured.....

    Robert, keep bombing away and I am sure you will love the 3 wood!

  5. Michael Martysiewicz

    Performance is confidence. I got a 913 D3 used it two days ago and I don't know about any of you guys but I've gained 20+ yards I can't even express how much confidence this driver has given me. Wow titleist you guys are crazy good !!!! 

    Play well everyone !!!!!!!! 

  6. Robert B

    I tried my new Titleist few more games and was able to reach par 5 in 2 shots 5 times on my first 4 games

    All my other clubs are the same as before and I don"t remember hitting a par 5 in 2 shots ever...I was able to do it on the same golf courses (4 different courses) I usually play with my new 913 D2.....and better than that, I hit the green with 5 iron, 4 iron, hybrid 4, 5 wood and 3 wood...and all different par 5 (only 1 of those par five was hit twice.)

    Incredible difference with my TM Superquad TP driver that I loved until now

    I left my TM for a longer Titleist


    According to my tracking, I should receive my matching 3 wood 913 in 2 days....cannot wait!

  7. Robert B

    I gained 20-25 yards easy but it is consistant drive after drive...I am surprise everytime

    Sometime I have a feeling it is not well hit but the result is still great ...long and in the fairway



  8. Chris92009

    I used to play mixed brands of woods until a couple years ago I went straight Titleist and have been thrilled since....not to memtion my handicap has gone down as well...I headed out to Oceanside shortly to be fit properly from top to bottom of my bag, can't wait!

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