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Invite to exclusive Team Titleist event at Eagle's Nest!!

Stephen F

Holy Smokes!   Just got the email invite to Eagle's Nest for Oct 12th!  Then I realized that I can't make it as that's Thanksgiving Weekend and out of town family is going to be here, plus a variety of activities.....   I hope all of you that go enjoy the day!  Maybe next year for me.   Thanks to Titleist for the great invite though!  You guys are the BEST!!!

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  1. Stephen F

    Turns out I spoke to soon and am able to make it!  Sent my confirmation today....Thanks Titleist!  Can't wait!

  2. Alex Z

    TItleist really goes above and beyond for their loyal TT customers, absolutely incredible. Should be an amazing event, see you there Stephen. Thank you Titleist


  3. Shawn P.

    Hey Stephen glad to see your gonna be able to make it. I RSVP'd as soon as I got the email. This event is jam packed and is gonna be a blast. Did you sign up for the round of golf afterwards? I did and I can't wait to play there.

    Cheers Shawn

  4. Wendy H

    Wow, I'm envious. Have fun guys. I may have gotten something too but we moved recently and I forgot to update our email address until now. Oh well. Hit a few for me!

  5. Michael Martysiewicz

    see all of you guys there. My self as well as my dad are really looking forward to the event thanks Mitch Andre and everyone else at Titleist ! 

  6. Stephen F

    Hey Shawn, I signed up for the round of golf for sure!!!   I checked out the course online and it looks amazing!

  7. Chris92009

    I did receive an email but I am sure everyone will have an incredible time! Please pics once event is underway!!


  8. Tom E

    I really can't explain how excited I am to be part of this event!!  Really looking forward to trying out the new irons and even putting names to faces too.  Its been a great few years playing their products and since irons are the only thing I do not own Titleist, I am really pumped to try them out.  Gonna be a bit of a drive but how do you turn this down. 

    Thanks again in advance Mitch, Andre and Team Titleist!!!  Can't wait to see you all........

  9. Mark M

    I'll be heading out to Eagles Nest too. Should be a great day and hopefully the nice weather continues for another couple of weeks!

    See you all there

  10. Michael Martysiewicz

    Lets hope that next saturday is all sunshine little to no wind and about 15-20 degrees ! I'm sure you would all agree ! cant wait till next week...... 

  11. Darius V

    What a very nice and an unexpected treat !

    I have to say that I have never heard of a club manufacturer going the extra mile as much as Titleist has.

    When I purchased my irons through my fitter I had the option of many models and manufacturers. I selected the AP1 irons because they felt best during the fitting and were at the top of the results as far as consistency in my testing. I have not regretted the decision for a minute, as my handicap has come down since my purchase and the clubs still feel great !  The extra attention from Team Titleist since my purchase along withe the quality of the Titleist brand led me to going for a second fitting for my driver (913D2). Once again - I have not regretted the decision to take that leap.

    I am so pleased with my purchases and the attention from the staff at Team Titleist that I never hesitate to let everyone I play with know how happy I am with Titleist as both a product and a company to deal with.

    There is little doubt in my mind that when the time comes to replace my rescue club, I will be looking at Titleist for sure !

    Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 12th. (The current forecast is 20 degrees and sunny!)


  12. Alex Z

    Looks like we are in for a great day and some great weather. See you all on Saturday

  13. Mitch D

    We are VERY excited to see you all there on Saturday. 

    And for those who have not had the pleasure of playing Eagles Nest are in for a treat!  It is one of my personal favorites!

    The range at the Titleist National Fitting Centre is groomed, the golf groups are set and your friends at Titleist are pumped to give you a sneak preview testing out the NEW 714 irons!

    See you soon!
    Mitch D
    Team Titleist Canada

  14. FJL

    I can't wait!  Very excited to see the new line and do the "touch and feel" in person.  I noticed that Golf Town has them on their site, but they're obviously entertaining advance orders.  See you there!!

  15. Stephen F

    2 more sleeps!!!!!! 

    I can't wait.  It's a bit of a drive for me but worth every km!!!!

    See you all there Saturday morning!!!!!

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