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The best golf shot of your life!

Mitch D Team Titleist Staff

It doesn't have to be a hole in one, double eagle, eagle or even a birdie or par...sometimes you just hit an amazing shot and even surprise yourself. 

One of the best shots that I ever made was this year from behind a tree on the left side of a fairway...You know, those pesky fairway trees that seem to be placed in perfect position to obstruct your shot into a green even though you have hit a good drive into the short grass?
I had about 140 in but was about 20 feet directly behind the tree that covered my entire line to the green.  I set up for a draw but still had to keep the ball flight low as there was a chance (especially with PW in my hand) that I would clip the branches.  I set it back in my stance, kept my hands forward through impact and managed to land it about 10 ft. 
My favourite part? was on the on #1!
While I made my birdie...I was less impressed by the birdie and more impressed by the shot itself!

What is your most memorable golf shot?

We look forward your response!
Mitch D
Team Titleist Canada

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  1. Darius V

    I can think of a number of shots that come close to what go into my memory banks as my best shot, but ultimately I would have to say it was my bunker shot from the left green-side bunker on the 18th at Pebble Beach. I an far from the best bunker player, often taking more than one try to get out, or worse yet find myself 30 feet over the green with my friends scrambling for their lives as the ball whizzes by :)

    On this day however, I found myself staring at a bunker shot with not only my foursome watching, but others as well.

    Needless to say - this day I hit the perfect (or almost perfect) shot and left myself a 6 inch put for par !!!

    To this day - I still do all I can to avoid bunkers - and yes - I made the putt    :-)


  2. Michael Martysiewicz

    10 at rockey crest. driver up the right side, blocked shot by canadian shield and tall pines. take 7 irons from 156 out, up and through the pines.... couldnt see it hit the green, but you could hear it hit the green. walked up saw the ball mark and no ball. spent 10 minutes looking for it and then decided to take a quick look in the cup.......  EAGLE ! i like making shot where you cant see them ! 

  3. Stephen F

    One of my best shots ever was on the par 5 18th hole of my home course.  I'd hit my drive down the left side in the rough, clipped a tree on my 2nd shot, and my 3rd hit yet another tree, leaving me with a clear shot at the green from 168.  I was playing a friendly match at the time and we were even, and I'm sure my opponent was thinking he had it wrapped up as he was lying 2 at about 100 yards.  I hit my 6 iron right at the flag and watched it land, then roll into the cup for a birdie.  My opponent hit his on and two-putted for par and I won the hole and the match! 

  4. Darbyson

    ...awesome hole, awesome shot!

  5. Darbyson

    My first Ace with a 2 iron in 1977....  at that time, it was the 17th hole Uplands GC in Thornhill Ontario

    HOLE #8
    The eighth hole at Uplands has long been feared as one of the most challenging holes in Canada. Its length (232 yards), along with its narrow width demand pin-point accuracy. The Men's tee is situated sixty feet above the fairway, which lies at the bottom of a heavily treed valley. A small stream runs along the entire length of the left side of the fairway. The green is elevated to a height of fifteen feet above the fairway. The hill leading up to the green is extremely steep and almost impossible to play your ball from.

    Pro Tips:
    If you are able to reach the green, hit a draw to the hill on the right of the green. A shot that appears to be going over the right side of the green will kick onto the centre of the green. If you are not confident about reaching the green, play the hole as a par four and be happy walking away with a bogey

  6. Mat910D3

    I have one that comes to mind. Actually, it's more like a strech of shots but the last 2 are memorable. It was the final round of the Duc de kent at the Royal-Québec golf club (royal course) last July. I was on a roll coming to the 580 yards par 5 18th. After a solid drive down the 18th fairway, I had 266 yards to the back left pin. The ball was above my feet (Lefty), slight downhill lie and the wind was into and from the right.  I had to hit a solid high cut to have any chance to hit the ball close. I visualize the shot before I swung and when I hit it, I knew that I pulled it off. The feel of watching the shot do exactly what I wanted it to in a pressure situation like that was incredible. I hit the shot so good that it landed 20 feet straight over the pin in the back fringe. The ball settled 1 foot in the light rough. From there, I managed to hit another perfect shot as I made the chip from the back edge of the green!

    That was one incredible way to finish up a tournament and I'll remember it for the rest of my life for sure!!

  7. Nolan W

    My best shot or stroke in my life would have to be in 2011 in the junior fun matchplay tournament organized by me and 3 other players. We play for big money(200$ to the winner). Anyways I was in the finals AS  on 18. The hole is 445 with a bunker in play at 280-310 off the tee on the left so you cant draw it or you will most likely end up in the bunker. I hit this perfect fade that ended up in the dead center of the right part of the fairway with 168 yards left to a front pin. The front 2/3 of the green are almost and island green with water surrounding. My competitor decided to lay up as he hit a short drive and wanted to assure a bogey as I still had the chance to hit it in the water and make double bogey for sure. I ended up hitting my shot to 20 feet with an uphill right to left putt. My competitor hit his 3rd shot to 12 feet for a par putt. I made my birdie putt for the win and it felt like I was Tiger at the 2008 US Open on 18 making the putt to go into a playoff against Rocco.

    My most memorable moment was in the 2011 regional junior association matchplay championship. I won my first match 7&6 and then I was in the quarters playing a better player then me, at least usually. Anyways I was 2 down after the front 9 and lost the first 2 holes on the back 9 and had 7 to play being 4 down. I made the match AS on 16 green and tied 17 with him. I birdied the par 5 18th to win after coming back from a 4 down with 7 to play deficit.

  8. Lawrence B

    Though I've had a hole in one, 17th at lake view, I think this shot was better.

    Par 5, 470, sharp dog leg left. I pulled my drive and was blocked pretty bad. I had to chip out to the fairway and even messed that up. So, from the left side, first cut, 172 I pulled a 6 iron (i was playing DCIs at the time). I then hit one of those shots where you know you just hit it super pure. Started at the flag and stayed on the flag. 

    Just as my buddies were starting to bust my chops the ball came down, hit the stick about 3 feet up and rode it all the way down into the cup for Eagle 3. I really enjoyed that one and wish I still had the DCIs.



  9. Brad m

    While I have had 2 hole in ones, my best shot ever would be a tie from two matches. The first I hit a 90 yard wedge for eagle on a par 5 to go up 2 in the match with 3 to play. What made the shot so great was that my opponent was on the green in 2 staring at an eagle putt from 20 feet. Thinking we were going to be all square with 3 to play, my shot in essence won the match. The other shot happened last year on the 17th hole of a match when I was leading 1 up, but my opponent just knocked in a 25 foot down hill putt for birdie. I was staring down a similar down hill putt, but mine was only 15 feet. I rolled mine in as well to remain one up with one to play, and went on to win the match. Under pressure, it had to be the best putt I ever hit.
  10. Darius V

    Brad...  I think you captured it very well. Many of us have made a 15 foot putt now and again, but when you are under pressure and the putt is a "must make", the feeling changes completely! As such I can totally understand why you would rate that as one of the best !


  11. Brad m

    Nice to hear from you. Judging from your play at Eagle's Nest, I would say you have knocked in your share of pressure putts as well.
  12. Mark M

    There are a few that come to mind right away but I'll have to go with an approach shot on #16 (real #10 - the course is set up differently for the tournet ) at the Kawartha Invitational in Peterborough. It was the 2nd playoff hole and I overcooked a draw into the left rough. I had to keep it under a tree in front of me then get it over a few more right after with a big cut. I managed to hit it to about 15 feet and 2 putted to win. 

    I knew I had that shot in the bag after being able to see my divot from the first time around there that day haha!

  13. Wendy H

    My most memorable shot is actually my one and only (so far) eagle. It was a shorter par 4. Duffed my first shot and had to hit my second shot uphill and over a pond...a blind shot from about 140 yards. I used my 4 hybrid and hit it so well that I thought I'd blown it right over the green. Couldn't find it when I finally got up to the green and started searching the hill behind. Still couldn't find it so I took a peek in the hole...there it was. My knees got weak....I was thrilled. Now to do it again some day!

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